Who is Maher Kassem Tinley Park? Mom and 3 Daughters Killed at 7430 173rd Pl

Maher Kassem Tinley Park is the likely perpetrator of a shooting at 7430 173rd place that left 4 women dead.

A man shot and killed his wife and three children in Tinley Park, an Illinois suburb.

Police were called to the property around 11am Sunday, January 21st 2024 where they found 4 women dead – a mother and her three children identified as Majeda Kassem, 53, Halema Kassem, 25, Zahia Kassem, 25, and Hanan Kassem, 24.

They were shot and killed by the man of the house, whom police arrested and are yet to name.

However, online records identify the man as Maher Kassem, the current occupant of 7430 173rd place who took over the property from Ibrahim Kassem, who you can learn more about here.

Join us as we learn more about Maher Kassem below.

Who is Maher Kassem Tinley Park Chicago?

maher kassem chicago

Maher Kassem has been identified as the man involved in shooting and killing his family in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Maher Kassem Tinley Park on Sunday, January 21st 2024 shot and killed his wife Majeda Kassem and three daughters – Halema Kassem, Zahia Kassem, and Hanan Kassem.

Halema and Zahia, 25-years-old, were twins with Hanan being their younger sister.

Based on our online search, Maher Kassem is the current occupant of 7430 173rd place in Tinley Park where the shooting took place.

As police are yet to identify him, our best bet is online records of occupancy of the house and it points to him.

Maher Kassem was born on June 1st 1960, making him 63 years old.

He was married to Majeda Kassem and they had five children, twins Halema and Zahia, Hanan and two boys who apparently were not around at the time of the shooting.

maher kassem tinley park

Maher Kassem is believed to have shot and killed his wife and three children following a domestic dispute at their Tinley Park residence.

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The Village of Tinley Park Public Safety reported the incident, writing on Facebook: “Police are in the area 7400 block of 173rd place.  They are investigating a Domestic related shooting; 4 victims are deceased. The Offender is in custody and scene is secure. Due to ongoing investigation, we are asking residents to stay out of the area.  More updates to follow,”

Authorities later identified arrested an individual, the father of the house for carrying out the shooting.

Whilst he hasn’t been identified, he is most likely Maher Kassem Tinley park as he is the current occupant, taking over from former owner Ibrahim Kassem.

According to relatives, Maher is extremely controlling of his wife, and an argument between them likely led to the deadly shooting.

“She had all these kids for him. She wasn’t allowed to leave the house. I used to come and sneak her out. He told her not to talk to me,” cousin Mohammed Kassem said, according to fox32.

Maher Kaseem’s residency is confirmed by a DISTRICT PLAN FOR THE 59th STREET COMMERCIAL DISTRICT IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO, which lists him as the current occupant of the property on 7430 173rd place.

More information on Maher is found below per clustrmaps.com who write: “Maher will celebrate 63rd birthday on June 1. Maher Kassem lives at 7430 173rd Pl, Tinley Park, IL. 

“We know that Ibrahim Kassem also lived at this address, perhaps within a different time frame. It costs $1,370 per month to rent two bedrooms in the zip code 60477, according to HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research. 

The property at 7430 173rd place where the Kassem family resided has the following characteristics.

Currently, authorities have Maher Kassem in custody.


Authorities announced Tuesday that Maher Kassem has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

Giving more details, the police released a statement.

Maher Kassem, 63, of the 7400 block of W. 173rd Place, Tinley Park, has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder after a domestic incident Sunday, Jan. 21 at his home.

Kassem shot and killed his wife Majeda Kassem, 53, and his daughters Halema Kassem, 25; Hanan Kassem, 24; and Zahia Kassem, 25, after a verbal argument that morning. He then called 911 at about 11:20 a.m. to report that someone had been shot inside the home.

Officers responded to the home within minutes and found the four women deceased in a lower level of the home. Officers took Kassem into custody after he made statements related to his involvement in the shooting. Police also recovered the gun believed to be used in the shooting.

Maher Kassem possible Tinley park shooting suspect

According to CBS News, four women are dead following a shooting inside a home in Tinley Park on Sunday. 

The village manager confirms the victims are a mother and her three adult daughters. 

They have been identified as Majeda Kassem, 53; Halema Kassem, 25; Hanan Kassem, 24; and Zahia Kassem, 25.

Around 11:20 a.m., police responded to a report of the shooting in the 7400 block of West 173rd Street. 

Village Manager Pat Carr said a male made a 911 call saying someone was shot in the residence, and when police arrived they found the four gunshot victims dead on the scene. 

Carr confirmed the shooting was the result of a domestic incident. A male suspect was arrested – possibly Maher Kassem Tinley park – and a weapon was recovered. 

We know that this was isolated to this home,” Carr said.

“The [person was] taken into custody at the home. The scene is secure. There is only one suspect at this time, and we are confident that there is no threat to the general public in the area.”   

A neighbor whose daughter knew the family well says the family living in the home is a husband, wife, three daughters and two sons. 

“She’s in shock,” said Charlotte Vaitkus. “She went to school with the oldest, and she employed the twin sisters, and she always talked about how they were all very intelligent. And they had very high goals in life, like they were pharmacist and the doctor, and that she never knew that there were any problems at all at home.”

7430 173rd place

police at 7430 173rd place Tinley park

The property at 7430 17rd place owned by Maher Kassem is a Single Family residence with an attached Garage – 2 spaces.

It contains three bedrooms, one bathroom – indicating it housed a medium sized family of husband, wife and kids.

It has a lot size of 8400 square feet and a floor size of 1306 square feet.

The property where Maher Kassem resides is in Tinley Park, Cook County Illinois.

Clustrmaps.com list the rent for the property as $1730 a month.

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The property entered notoriety following the killing of a wife and three daughters on its premises by their father/husband.

It was formerly owned by one Ibrahim Kassem.

There is no indication of the occupation of Ibrahim Kassem Tinley Park, however he is 38 years of age.

Other places Ibrahim Kassem has lived include Chicago and Orlando Park in Illinois and Bedford, New Hampshire.

Majeda Kassem

majeda kassem, 53

Majeda Kassem was the wife of Maher Kassem Tinley park, the perpetrator of a shooting that stunned the U.S and the world.

53-year old Majeda had three children with Maher, all of whom died with her in the shooting.

Halema, Zahia and Hanan Kassem

halema kassem tinley park and twin sister zahia

The three children killed in the Tinley Park shooting were twins Halema and Zahia and Hanan Kassem.

Halema, according to an online fundraiser to build a mosque in the slain ladies’ honor, was a pharmacy graduate working towards becoming a clinical pharmacist.

She was also a Palestinian advocate who also fought against domestic violence.

Zahia Kassem also known as Zee was a twin that graduated as a radiology technician and was planning to take her exam in less than a week.

She was an outspoken, lighthearted soul that would win a anyone’s heart with her charismatic personality. Zahia made it a goal for both herself and others to look and feel good about themselves.

Hanan Kassem was getting her education in speech pathology. She was always a helping hand and had her special way of making people feel like they belong. she was always so thoughtful and considerate with her supportive words. Her heart held a special place for her family, and she will be deeply missed.

A sort of epidemic of men killing their spouses has been around lately with many similar story in the news.

In Dover Massachusetts, three people, a Dover couple and their teenage daughter – were found dead at their plush estate home in December.

The tragic incident occurred Thursday night, December 28th at the residence on 8 Wilsons Way in Dover, Ma.

Investigators called the scene they met as “a fatal occurrence of domestic violence.”

The deceased were identified as Rakesh Kamal, 57, Teena Kamal, 54 and Ariana Kamal, 18.

Responding to a call just before 7:30 p.m., Dover Police Department officers arrived at the location after a family relative, concerned about the couple, contacted 911.

The family member called 911 at approximately 7:24 p.m. after visiting the home on Wilson’s Way to check on the family after not hearing from them for a few days.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office reported the discovery of the lifeless bodies of a man, a woman, and their teenage daughter within the residence. 

It was later confirmed that the father, Rakesh Kamal, shot and killed his wife and daughter.

And in Australia, Melissa Huskins, a talented and accomplished Australian cyclist was killed by her own husband, cyclist Rohan Dennis, after he run her over in his car.

Police said emergency services were called to an address in Medindie, an Adelaide suburb, around 8 p.m. Saturday, following reports a woman had been struck by a vehicle. 

At the time, police said the “driver is known to the woman.”

Police said the woman, later identified as Melissa Huskins, suffered serious injuries and died after being taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Australia’s national broadcaster ABC and other local media outlets reported that Hoskins’ husband Rohan Dennis, a two-time world time trial champion and a stage winner at the Tour de France, had been arrested and charged with causing her death by dangerous driving.

According to reports, police will allege Melissa Hoskins jumped onto the car bonnet and grabbed at a door handle before the vehicle was driven and she fell to the ground.

It is then alleged she may have been dragged along by the vehicle.

A pair of teenage neighbours tried to give first aid before paramedics arrived.

South Australian Police arrested Mr Dennis and charged him with causing death by dangerous driving, driving without due care and endangering life.

He was released on bail to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court again in March.

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