Who is Greg Clark? Coalinga Correctional Sergeant Arrested for Sneaking Drugs Into State Prison

Greg Clark, 51, has been arrested for allegedly sneaking drugs into Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga.

Clark had fentanyl and other narcotics on him when he was arrested inside the prison on Monday.

He has since resigned from his position.

Greg Reinado Clark began his career with the corrections department in 2001 and spent more than two decades at Pleasant Valley State Prison, according to ABC 30.

He started his career in July 2001 as a CDCR cadet at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Sacramento County. He started working as a correctional officer in December 2003 at Pleasant Valley State Prison.

Clark was promoted to correctional sergeant in October 2013.

“Clark’s selfish acts put himself, PVSP staff and the incarcerated population in danger,” Steve Smith, the prison’s warden, said in the news release.

“That is one of the most detestable acts one can commit in a peace officer position. A huge thank you to the investigative team for their hard work and dedication on this case.”

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