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Thank you for visiting our website, Nigeriabombshell.com.

Nigeriabombshell.com is an entertainment cum true crime news reporting site covering stories from Nigeria and across the world.

We consider our website unique in that we aren’t interested in simply reporting the news. We pride ourselves on delving deep into stories, giving out all information about an issue once it hits the public domain. Others deliver the breaking news but we deliver the breakdown of the news.

In our Who Is section, we cover breaking news stories about true crime and other viral news, delving deep with our research team to uncover information about people who have hit the news cycle due to their deeds and misdeeds.

In our Biography section, we provide detailed biographies of famous and infamous personalities from all across the world.

Thank you for choosing our site and we hope you enjoy your time here. For any inquiries, DMCA requests, corrections, guest posting, advertisements, or any other issue, contact [email protected]

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