Who was Bruce Coval Meneley? Retired Navy Officer Turned Child Predator Killed by Seattle PD

A retired Navy officer, Bruce Coval Meneley, was shot and killed by Seattle PD last week in an undercover sting operation that exposed him as a child predator.

Meneley, 67, was a retired high ranking doctor in the Navy who at one point oversaw the emergency medical department of Guantanamo bay.

He was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police after travelling to a Tukwila hotel room to meet a mother with her two daughters aged 7 and 11.

Instead of the children, police officers were at the location Meneley traveled to.

When police officers opened the door, they said Meneley pulled out a gun.

A shooting occurred which took his life.

A Facebook page about vets explained the situation.

“For those of you who have seen the shooting at the hotel in Seattle of the 67 year old who came to the room to have sexual relations with a 7 and 11 year old, the Seattle Coroner has released his identity.

“He is retired Captain(0-6) Bruce Coval Menely. He oversaw emergency medicine at Guantanamo Bay, and served under the Bush and Obama administration.

This is disturbing. From ongoing investigation this is not the first time he has engaged in this practice, and he had gone to the hotel after negotiating with the mother (undercover PD) to pay her to engage in illegal activities with her 2 minor children.

This is just disturbing, as a medical officer and naval officer who was in charge of personnel to commit such a heinous act.

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