Justin Mohn Video – Levittown Butcher Arrested and Charged

Justin Mohan was a 32-year-old Pennsylvania man who was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly beheaded his father and ranted about taking over the country in a YouTube video.

Justin uploaded a disturbing video to YouTube on January 30, 2024.

In the video, he ranted about his political views, his hatred for various groups, and his self-proclaimed role as a militia leader.

His video sparked outrage and horror among the public, the authorities, and the online community, as well as a federal investigation that led to his arrest and arraignment.

His story also raised some important questions and issues about the mental health, the social media, and the violence in the society.

Justin Mohan video – Who was Justin Mohn?

justin mohan video

According to his LinkedIn profile, Justin Mohn was a writer and an author from Levittown, Pa, who had published several books on Amazon.com, including “America’s Coming Bloody Revolution”, “Poems I Wrote While Stoned”, and “The Revolution Leader’s Survival Guide”.

He claimed that his books were based on his personal experiences and his political opinions. He also claimed that he had exposed three presidential candidates as corrupt and changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

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According to his Facebook page, Justin Mohn was a supporter of Kanye West and Donald Trump, and an opponent of Joe Biden and the FBI.

He also expressed his views on various topics, such as immigration, abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, and Black Lives Matter. He also called for the impeachment of FBI director Christopher Wray in February 2020.

According to his Justin Mohn YouTube channel, Justin Mohan had uploaded several video on many topics in which he talked about his books, his beliefs, and his plans.

He also identified himself as the commander of America’s national network of militias, which he called “Mohn’s Militia”.

He had 115 subscribers and more than 5,000 views on his channel before it was taken down by YouTube.

What did Justin Mohan do and say in his real video?

justin mohan real video

On January 30, 2024, Justin Mohn allegedly decapitated his father, Michael Mohn, a 68-year-old federal employee, in their home in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

He then fled the scene in his father’s car and drove to Fort Indiantown Gap, a National Guard training base near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Around 5:30 p.m., he posted a 14-minute video on YouTube, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots”.

In the video, he briefly showed what he claimed was his father’s head.

He said that his father, Michael Mohn, was a traitor who worked for the federal government for over 20 years and that he was now in hell for eternity.

Michael Mohn

Mohn also said that he was the new acting president of the United States under martial law and that he had control over the police and the military.

It was later reported that Justin shot and killed his father before proceeding to decaptitate him.

In the video, he also ranted about his grievances with the Biden administration and the federal agencies, such as the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the IRS.

He accused them of corruption, treason, and tyranny. He urged his followers to take action against them and to kill them.

He also put bounties on the heads of prominent figures, such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Kamala Harris. He said that they should be publicly executed for betraying their country.

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In addition, he also spewed hateful and violent speech against various groups, such as the LGBTQ+ community, the Black Lives Matter movement, the immigrants, and the Muslims.

justin mohan video reddit

Mohn said that they were enemies of America and that they should be eliminated.

He also threatened to attack the courthouses, the media outlets, and the schools. He said that he was leading a revolution to restore the true American values and to save the nation from destruction.

The video circulated for several hours on YouTube and received more than 5,000 views before it was removed by YouTube for violating its policy on violent and graphic content.

The Justin Mohan video also attracted the attention of the authorities, who used it as a piece of evidence to identify and locate him.

How was he arrested and arraigned?

Justin Mohn was arrested around 9 p.m. on January 30, 2024, at Fort Indiantown Gap, where he had jumped a fence and entered the military facility.

He was apprehended by the civilian police and the Pennsylvania State police, who had tracked him down through his cellphone data. He was armed at the time of his arrest, but he did not resist or put up a fight.

He was taken into custody and transferred to Middletown Township, where he was charged with first-degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime, and abuse of a corpse.

Mohn was also facing other possible charges, such as terrorism, hate crimes, and threats. He was arraigned at 4 a.m. on January 31, 2024, and denied bail. He was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on February 8, 2024.

He faces a mandatory life sentence or the death penalty if convicted.

He did not cooperate with the investigators or answer any questions about his motive or his actions.

Mohn only talked about his political views and his plans.

He also claimed that he was innocent and that he was acting in self-defense and in the best interest of the country.

Meanwhile, ABC7 Chicago identified Michael Mohn as an engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of our teammate Michael Mohn. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mohn family and we are focused on supporting our grieving employees at this time,” the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District said in a statement.

Neighbors speaking to the outlet also said Justin Mohn had always been strange.

“He just started acting funny over the summer. I made a couple calls to the police department because he was sitting right there on that culvert thing and staring at my house constantly. I thought that’s kind of strange,” neighbor Bart DeHaven said.

Another neighbor revealed her reaction after someone sent her Mohn’s Youtube video.

“I totally screamed… I opened the video, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, That’s the guy that, you know, I see every day that I knew something. You know, something was unhinged with him,'” Carrie McCarthy said.

“So, a lot of us, especially the people that walk the dogs, we’ve seen him. He’s a fixture in the neighborhood. He would just walk around, always have his water bottle. And he would stop in random spots and just light up a joint and just start smoking.”

What was the reaction to Justin Mohan video?

Justin Mohn’s actions and video shocked and horrified the public, the authorities, and the online community, who condemned his brutality and his extremism.

His actions and video also sparked a federal investigation, involving the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice, who were looking into his background, his connections, his activities, and his potential accomplices.

His actions and video also raised some important questions and issues about the mental health, the social media, and the violence in the society.

justin mohn video

Some of the questions and issues were:

What was the mental state of Justin Mohan and what factors contributed to his violent behavior?

Did he have any history of mental illness, substance abuse, or trauma? Did he receive any treatment or support for his mental health? Did he have any signs or warnings of his impending violence? How could his mental health be improved or prevented from deteriorating?

What was the role of social media and the internet in Justin Mohan’s actions and video?

How did he use social media and the internet to express his views, to spread his message, and to recruit his followers? How did he access and consume the information and the content that influenced his views and his actions? How did he evade the detection and the moderation of the social media platforms and the authorities? How could the social media and the internet be regulated or monitored to prevent or reduce the violence and the extremism?

What was the impact of Justin Mohan’s actions and video on the society and the security?

How did his actions and video affect the safety and the well-being of the people and the communities that he targeted or threatened? How did his actions and video affect the trust and the confidence of the people and the institutions that he attacked or criticized?

How did his actions and video affect the political and the social climate and the discourse in the country? How could the society and the security be protected or enhanced to prevent or reduce the violence and the extremism?

What are the lessons that can be learned from his story?

Justin Mohan’s story is a tragic and horrific story that should not be repeated or glorified, but rather serve as a lesson and a warning for the society.

Some of the lessons that can be learned from his story are:

The importance of mental health and well-being:

Justin Mohn’s story shows the need to address and improve the mental health and well-being of the individuals and the communities, especially those who are vulnerable, marginalized, or radicalized. It is important to provide adequate and accessible resources and services for the mental health and well-being, such as counseling, therapy, medication, education, and support.

It is also important to recognize and respond to the signs and the symptoms of mental illness, distress, or violence, and to seek or offer help and intervention when needed.

The responsibility of social media and technology:

Justin Mohn’s story shows the role and the impact of social media and technology in the violence and the extremism, as well as the potential and the challenges of social media and technology in the prevention and the reduction of the violence and the extremism.

It is important for the users, the creators, the providers, and the regulators of social media and technology to be aware and accountable of the risks and the benefits of social media and technology, and to use them responsibly and ethically. It is also important to develop and implement effective and appropriate policies and measures to regulate and monitor the social media and technology, and to prevent and remove the violent and the extremist content and activities.

The value of human life and diversity:

Justin Mohn’s story shows the preciousness and the fragility of human life, and the need to cherish and respect every individual.

Justin Mohn’s story also shows the diversity and the complexity of the society, and the need to appreciate and embrace the differences and the similarities among different groups of people.

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