Who is Jennifer Hanie? -Woman Found Dead on Manhattan Beach After Boyfriend Reported Her Missing

Jennifer Haynie was a 31-year-old American woman who was found dead Friday on Manhattan Beach in a stunning turn of events.

The boyfriend of Jennifer Haynie Manhattan beach had reported her missing just hours prior to authorities finding her dead.

According to the boyfriend, he last saw Haynie near the waterline at Manhattan Beach and then reported her missing after a search he conducted with his friends yielded nothing.

Unfortunately, authorities found Haynie dead with her body discovered by lifeguards.

In this article, we learn more about Jennifer Hanie Manhattan beach.

Who was Jennifer Haynie Manhattan beach?

jennifer haynie manhattan beach

Jennifer Haynie Manhattan beach was a 31-year-old American woman who was found dead Friday mere hours after her boyfriend reported her missing.

Reports Saturday indicated that the body of a woman who was discovered on the sands of Manhattan Beach Friday.

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A lifeguard near the 2300 block of The Strand came across Haynie’s dead body around 10:10 a.m. Friday, according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

This coincidentally was just a few hours after Haynie’s boyfriend had reported her missing.

After her boyfriend’s report, Los Angeles County lifeguards and United States Coast Guard members conducted searches of the beach and ocean in the nearby area before she was found.

In a statement from the City of Manhattan Beach police department, they said: “On January 26, 2024, at approximately 6:41 a.m., Manhattan Beach Police Department (MBPD) officers were dispatched to the 2300 block of the Strand regarding a missing person report.

“The reporting party stated he last saw his girlfriend near the water line. The reporting party and his friends searched for the female, and when they could not find her, they called MBPD.

“The MBPD immediately opened an investigation and checked with surrounding agencies for reports matching the missing person’s description. The Los Angeles County Lifeguards and the United States Coast Guard conducted searches of the beach and ocean.

“At approximately 10:13 a.m., MBPD officers were notified by Los Angeles County Lifeguards a deceased female was discovered on the sand near the 1300 block of the waterline.

“The female was positively identified by officers through photographs as well as next of kin as the missing person.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Klosowski (310) 802-5123,”

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner’s office identified the victim as Jennifer Hanie, 31.

It still remains unclear whether Hanie had washed ashore, as initial reporting from the scene indicated that the body had been located off the coast, near the 1300 block of the water line.

Jennifer Hanie Manhattan beach drowning

jennifer hanie manhattan beach

More details on the death of Jennifer Haynie Manhattan Beach including possible causes of any possible drowning was provided in a report by thembnews

In the report, they noted that Jennifer Hanie Manhattan beach had been staying in a rental house in the 2300 block of the Strand.

Also, as part of the investigation, the The Strand and the bike path were briefly shut down between the Manhattan Beach Pier and 15th Street while Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Manhattan Beach Fire Department, and Manhattan Beach Police Department officials investigated.

The site also noted that because Wednesday night was a full moon, that led to higher tides and larger swells.

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The tide was still higher than normal on Thursday night going into Friday morning, and Friday morning’s high tide would have been reached its peak at 9:04 a.m.

The L.A. County Lifeguards have repeatedly warned ocean-goers this winter of the dangers of elevated surf and the risks of rip currents, with swimmers are advised to know their abilities and to exercise extreme caution.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues in Manhattan Beach into the circumstances surrounding the death of Jennifer Haynie.

Haynie’s body was discovered at around 10:10 a.m. by a lifeguard near the 2300 block of The Strand, according to Manhattan Beach Police Department.

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wei fen ong carrollton mother stabs husband
Wei Fen Ong

In a similar water related tragedy, a U.S mother was arrested after stabbing her husband and driving her car into a pond with her kids inside.

The suspect was arrested by Carrollton Tx police and identified as one Wei Fen Ong.

The Carrollton, Texas mother allegedly stabbed her husband on the morning of Friday, November 17th 2023 and then drove her car into a pond with her kids inside!

Carrollton police were called to a home on Tall Knight Lane by a man claiming he had been stabbed by his wife.

Minutes after officers responded to the stabbing, Lewisville police officers were called to a vehicle that had been driven into a retention pond off of Hebron Parkway.

Inside the vehicle, police found a woman, later confirmed to be the wife of the stabbed man, and three children, ages 8, 9 and 12.

Lewisville police and firefighters were able to pull the women and two of the children from the vehicle.

A third child was able to free themselves.

One child was resuscitated at the scene by a Lewisville police officer whilst another was revived on the way to the hospital by Lewisville paramedics.

All four were taken to the hospital but one child is in critical condition and the two other children are stable, according to police.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, it’s unclear what led to the stabbing and attempted suicide and police are still investigating to find out.


Manhattan Beach city where Jennifer Hanie died is located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, United States, on the Pacific coast south of El Segundo, west of Hawthorne and Redondo Beach, and north of Hermosa Beach. As of the 2020 census, the population was 35,506.

Manhattan Beach is one of the three Beach Cities, along with Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach within the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.

The community is known for a long beach stretching approximately 2.1 miles (3.4 km) and roughly 450 feet (140 m) wide.

The climate is unusually moderate because of Manhattan Beach’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean, with an average year-round high temperature of 69.1 °F (20.6 °C) and an average year-round low of 56.4 °F (13.6 °C).

Manhattan Beach benefits from ocean breezes that provide clean air and summer temperatures that are 10 to 20 °F (5.6 to 11.1 °C) cooler than the inland regions of Southern California.

The city has a total area of 3.9 square miles (10 km2). Manhattan Beach features 2.1 miles (3.4 km) of ocean frontage.

Manhattan Beach is a prominent area for beach volleyball and surfing.

A majority of the land in Manhattan Beach was once exposed sand dunes, which now lie beneath the city’s buildings and streets.

The underlying dunes afford residents ocean views throughout western portions of the city. The tallest hill is 244 feet high, and it is located in the city’s southwest region.

The only remaining exposed sand dune is at Sand Dune Park, where sand resembling the original landscape can also be found.

In the late 1920s, excess sand from Manhattan Beach was purchased by Hawaiʻian developers, who negotiated a deal with the Kuhn Brothers Construction Company to ship the sand across the Pacific Ocean from Manhattan Beach via Los Angeles Harbor to Waikiki Beach over a ten-year period.

The beach is approximately 2.1 miles long and 400 feet wide.

Every August, the city hosts the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament and the International Surf Festival.

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