Who was Dylan Ian Stopinski? UC Davis Students Who Committed Suicide

Dylan Ian Stopinski, 20, has been identified as a student of UC Davis who committed suicide a few days ago.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s office identified Stopinski and ruled his death a suicide.

Stopinski died after jumping off the top of the West Entrance parking Structure near Kleiber Hall.

Per reports from the day, police attempted CPR to no avail.

Following news of his demise, it has emerged that another student, Jade Basile, had filed for a judge to issue a Civil Harassment Restraining Order (CHRO) against him.

The filing in Yolo County Superior Court had been filed on April 26th, 2024, just a few days before Stopinski’s suicide on Monday, April 29th.

It’s unclear what prompted the case and what bearing, if any, it had on Dylan’s decision to take his life.

So far, the University has yet to formally comment on the matter.

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