Who is Xuanyi Yu Google? – Google Engineer Liren Chen Kills Wife

Who is Xuanyi Yu Google? Google software engineer Liren Chen has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Xuanyi, also an engineer.

Liren Chen is accused of attacking his wife, leading to her death.

Authorities reportedly found him with blood splattered over him.

He is in custody and faces a murder charge.

Following the incident folks are searching for information on the couple, Liren Chen and Xuanyi Yu, both Google software engineers.

In this article we will tackle everything from this Liren Chen Xuanyi Yu Google story.

Below is the information we found about them.

Who is Xuanyi Yu Google?

xuanyi yu google

Xuanyi Yu Santa Clara was a software engineer with tech giants Google who was beaten to death by her own husband, Liren Chen.

Chen, in a fit of rage, assaulted his wife, punching her till she died.

Police found him in that manner with blood splattered all over him.

Xuanyi Yu was a beautiful soul who did not deserve such a fate.

Learn all about her below.

According to reports, Xuanyi Yu worked as a software engineer at Google, based in Santa Clara in the famed tech hub that is Silicon Valley.

Born in China, Xuanyi Yu Google joined Tsinghua University – a public university in Haidian, Beijing, China that is affiliated with and funded by the Ministry of Education of China – in 2014.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the institution in 2018, according to Xuanyi Yu Google LinkedIn.

During her time at the University, she met Liren Chen, another software engineer in the making and they struck up a romance.

The duo would later relocate to the United States of America, where they would both attend UC San Diego for their Master’s degrees.

Xuanyi Yu and Liren Chen would then both land positions as software engineers at Google and get married.

Anyway, back to Xuanyi, she attended UC San Diego from 2018 to 2020 for her Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Following her education, Xianyi Yu started her career proper and has held positions such as being a software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon between
Jun 2019 – Sep 2019.

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In this role, she “built new features and expanded functionality on existing web application based on user feedback, involving with both front-end and back-end tasks which resulted in
better user experience,”

Yu also “wrote unit tests and integration tests to increase test coverage, added automated metrics recording to monitor application status,”

xuanyi yu google santa clara, taken from LinkedIn

Her next position was as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon between Feb 2020 – Jun 2021, working in San Diego, California, United States.

Finally, Xuanyi Yu landed her position as a software engineer at Google full time in June 2021, holding the position for 2 years and 8 months until her death at the hands of her husband Liren Chen in January 2024.

Xuanyi Yu Google died on January 16th 2024, when after an altercation with her husband, he attacked her and assaulted her till she died.

Authorities found him with blood all over him and arrested him. He is expected to be charged with murder.

“Domestic violence deaths have been falling in our county but that does not measure the depth and destructiveness of the violence,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said following Chen’s arrest.

“Anyone who feels that they or someone else is being abused by their partners, please reach out your local law enforcement agency. You are not alone. We can help.”

Xuanyi Yu worked hard, both in school and in life, to create the ideal circumstances for her life, only for it to all be snatched away by the callousness of her own husband, a man she trusted to have her back at all times and whom she’s known for a big part of her life.

xuanyi yu liren chen

Her story is just too tragic to bear. May she rest in peace.

Google engineer Chen Liren Killed wife Xuanyi Yu

liren chen google

Software engineer Chen Liren of Los Altos has been arrested after allegedly killing his wife, Xuanyi Yu Google.

So who is Chen Liren? He has a bit of a similar story to his wife Xuanyi and we’re going to take you through it as well.

Also born in China, Chen Liren also attended Tsinghua University from 2014 to 2018, at the same time as his future wife Xuanyi Yu, according to Liren Chen LinkedIn profile.

They both studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, with Liren Chen graduating with a 3.7 GPA after their studies.

Like his wife Xuanyi Yu Google, he also relocated to the United States to UC San Diego where he studied for his Master of Science in Computer Science, completing with a 3.94 GPA in 2019.

His career in the United States started as a Software Engineer intern at TuSimple in the Greater San Diego area, holding this position from Jun 2019 – Dec 2019.

In May 2020, he landed his position as a Software Engineer at Google, holding the position until currently.

He specialised in Youtube shorts recommendations.

photo of liren chen los altos, santa clara taken from LinkedIn

Currently, Liren Chen is being held by police after murdering his wife, Xuanyi Yu Google, in a fit of rage.

The Santa Clara County District office released a statement on his arrest.

“A Santa Clara man, Liren Chen, 27, has been charged with murdering his wife.

“Chen has been charged with murder and faces prison if convicted. His arraignment has been postponed once and may be again, as he is hospitalized.

“Around 11 a.m. on Jan.16, Santa Clara officers responded to a welfare check to a home on Valley Way. When officers arrived, an acquaintance of the suspect expressed concern about Chen and his wife. Chen was refusing to answer his phone or his door. He could see Chen inside the home, “motionless on his knees, had his hands in the air and was staring blankly.”

“The officers made entry into the residence and took the suspect into custody. In the bedroom directly behind where Chen had been standing, officers located the victim deceased on the floor.

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“Anyone with information related to this case is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Hagg at 408-615-4814,”

Read the full statement below on Google engineer Liren Chen killing his wife Xuanyi Yu.

Chen Liren’s uncontrolled anger has now ruined two lives, killing his wife Xuanyi Yu Google and also destroying himself as he would now most likely, spend the rest of his life in jail.

Google Engineer beats wife

google engineer beat his wife to death

Below is a summary of the story of Xuanyi Yu Google and Liren Chen.

Liren Chen, 27, is a Google software engineer who worked on the YouTube Shorts recommendation algorithm.

He is married to Xuanyi Yu, also a Google software engineer who previously worked at Amazon.

On January 16, 2024, Chen allegedly beat his wife to death in their home on Valley Way in Santa Clara, California.

Police were called by a concerned friend who said neither Chen nor his wife would answer their phones or the door.

When police arrived at the house, they found Chen on his knees in the bedroom with blood on his clothing and hands.

He was motionless and staring blankly. Police also found Yu’s body on the floor with severe blunt-force injuries to her head.

Chen told police that he punched his wife the day before and that he was sorry for what he did.

He was arrested and charged with murder.

He is currently in the hospital awaiting a court hearing and has not been arraigned as of Friday morning.

He faces life in prison without parole if convicted.

The murder shocked and saddened both Chen and Yu’s families and co-workers at Google.

The murder also sparked rumors that it was connected to Google’s recent round of layoffs that affected thousands of employees worldwide. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

There were also reports of Liren Chen suicide but that was wide off the mark as well.

The murder case has attracted national attention in China, where both Chen and Yu studied at Tsinghua University and UC San Diego respectively.

The World Journal, the largest Chinese-language newspaper in the US, featured an article about the murder on its front page.

Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a city in the county of the same name.

The city’s population was 127,647 at the 2020 census, making it the eighth-most populous city in the Bay Area.

Located in the southern Bay Area, the city was founded by the Spanish in 1777 with the establishment of Mission Santa Clara de Asís under the leadership of Junípero Serra.

Santa Clara is located in the center of Silicon Valley and is home to the headquarters of companies such as Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, and Nvidia.

It is also home to Santa Clara University, the oldest university in California, and Levi’s Stadium, the home of the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers, and Cedar Fair’s California’s Great America Park.

Santa Clara is bordered by San Jose on all sides, except for Sunnyvale and Cupertino to the west.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century, the Tamien tribe of the Ohlone nation of Indigenous Californians had inhabited the area for several millennia.

The first European to visit the valley was José Francisco Ortega in 1769. The Spanish began to colonize California with 21 missions, and the Mission Santa Clara de Asís was founded in 1777.

The Battle of Santa Clara, one of the last battles of the Conquest of California, was fought between a contingent of Californios, led by Francisco Sánchez, against the invading American forces.

In 1851, Santa Clara College was established on the grounds of the original Mission. In 1852, Santa Clara was incorporated as a town; it became state-chartered by 1862.

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