Teacher Fired for Filming Raunchy Tiktok – Cibelly Ferreira Biography, Background, Education, Instagram

Cibelly Ferreira, a Brazilian teacher fired for filming raunchy videos on Tiktok, has become the latest internet curiosity.

Ferreira was fired over content she shared on Tiktok of herself dancing with her students.

Her raunchy content did not sit too well with educators in Brazil and got her fired.

In this article, Nigeriabombshell.com gives out all there is to know about Cibelly Ferreira, the teacher fired for tiktok raunchy videos.

Who Is Cibelly Ferreira, Teacher Fired for Filming Raunchy Tiktok

teacher fired for filming raunchy tiktok

Cibelly Ferreira is a Brazilian teacher, dancer, influencer, singer, businesswoman and model who gained online notoriety in 2023 after being fired for her tiktok videos.

Born in Brazil, she is well educated, holding a degree in biology from the Federal University of Lavras in Brazil and has won prizes in mathematics.

She is an English language teacher who has taught in Brazil and other places around the world.

Cibelly Ferreira got into trouble in 2023 as she was routinely filming raunchy dances with her students and posting the videos on TikTok.

Ferreira revealed she started her videos to get her students more engaged in class.

@cibellyferreira_ Quem aí tb está in love? #professoracibelly #cibellyferreira #professora ♬ som original – Cammy 💗

“One of my students invited me to dance with him, and the class really enjoyed the interaction. After that, the other students began to ask questions, too, and I took advantage of the interaction and interest of the students to apply my classes with more quality, because the students are more interested and excited,” she said, according to Milenio. 

“I know how difficult it is for younger students to focus their attention on teaching versus social networks and technology,” said Ferreira. “I can take advantage of their interest and bring them closer to teaching.”

Ferreira’s dancing videos with her students made her a star as she quickly amassed 9.7 million followers on TikTok with over 100m likes as well as 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Her TikTok and Instagram pages show a mix of videos of her swaying her hips and shaking her bum alongside her students in the classroom and posing alone outside the classroom in bathing suits and other outfits. 

The Brazilian did not get in trouble for just her dancing in the classroom but her dress style was also criticised. 

She often storms class in crop tops or short and low-cut dresses which many deem inappropriate.

Aside her Instagram and Tiktok accounts, Ferreira also has accounts on Only Fans and P*rnhub, among others! This teacher truly does it all!

“As an adult woman, who needed extra income, I looked for other forms of monetization. My mother, for example, knows this and accepts it very well. Even every woman should feel free and fulfilled with her body,” Cibelly told Milenio.

She admitted she likes teaching but her online content actually pays her much more hence it’s unclear how firing her would really affect her.

“The school gives me a safe and stable place. However, my content on social networks pays me much more,” she admitted.

Aside her teaching in Brazil, Ferreira previously worked in Australia where she garnered some experience as well as certifications.

” I lived in Australia for years and studied at an English language college as well as UTAS international college. I have two international certificates and also did social work while living abroad. There I started giving English assistance to Asians and also to teach Portuguese,” she revealed.

Cibelly Instagram

cibelly instagram

Brazil’s dancing teacher, Cibelly Ferreira aka the teacher fired for filming raunchy tiktok, is on Instagram.

Cibelly Instagram account is @cibellyferreira_


On her Instagram, she shares photos of herself in raunchy clothes or her dancing solo, in addition to the aforementioned raunchy videos shot in the classroom.

Cibelly Ferreira tiktok account is @cibellyferreira_ and she has an impressive 9.8milllion followers and 102.3million likes!

@cibellyferreira_ Sábado também é dia né amores? #prof #cibellyferreira #professora ♬ som original – Cibelly Ferreira 👩‍🏫

Cibelly is also on OnlyFans where she’s known as ‘Professor Cibelly Ferreira’.

Her OnlyFans bio teases: “Hi love, this is Prof. Come get even closer to me! The way you’ve always dreamed.”

Cibelly Pictures

Enjoy below a plethora of pictures of the teacher fired for filming raunchy tiktok, Cibelly Ferreira.

Enjoy Cibelly pictures…

cibelly ferreira pictures
cibelly ferreira teacher fired for filming raunchy

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