Who was Tarun George? Pleasanton Man, Wife, and Two Kids Die in Horrific Accident

A Pleasanton family of four lost their lives in a horrific crash that stunned the community.

The family, who died in the crash on Foothill Road when their vehicle collided with a large oak tree, have been identified as an Indian family with patriarch Tarun George, his wife, Ricy, and two children under the age of 15.

Pleasanton Police said in a news release: “The Pleasanton Police Department is investigating a single-vehicle accident that occurred around 9 p.m. last night (Wednesday) on Foothill Road near Stoneridge Drive that, unfortunately, resulted in multiple fatalities.

“We are conducting a thorough investigation and do not have additional information at this point. We will release further details as they become available,”

In an updated release, Pleasanton PD said: “The Pleasanton Police Department continues the investigation into a single-vehicle accident that resulted in the tragic loss of a family of four, consisting of a mother, a father, and two children under the age of 15.

“Officers are diligently working to determine the cause of the incident, and it appears the car collided with a large oak tree along Foothill Road. Another update will be provided by tomorrow afternoon,”

According to reports, the George family were returning from a birthday party on Wednesday evening when they crashed their vehicle into an Oak tree on Foothill Road.

Anjali Maski, a close friend of the couple, said her kids played with their kids that night at the party and now cannot understand why they’re not around anymore.

“It’s very hard to explain to children that a friend of theirs, who was there last night and this morning, is not there,” she said.

Maski said the boys went to Donlon Elementary School and Hart Middle School, where school officials have sent grief counselors.

Larry Lai, who lives off Foothill Boulevard, said he was outside when he heard explosions at the time of the crash.

“Every five to 10 seconds, a big boom, maybe about five to eight times” he said.

He warned drivers in the area to, “slow down on Foothill Boulevard, please.”

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