More Details of Nigerian Man Set on Fire by Angry Ex-Girlfriend in Australia Surface after his Death

More details have emerged about Nigerian man Stanley Obi, who was set on fire by his bitter ex-girlfriend whilst sleeping in his house in Australia, after he died.

Obi suffered burns to 90% of his body in the attack, as reported Thursday, March 10th 2022.

He was rushed to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in critical condition but unfortunately died late in the night Thursday.

The 33-year-old Nigerian was a nurse who just moved into his dream home with his new girlfriend.

He leaves behind three children – all of whom he had whilst with his ex-girlfriend who burnt him to death.

May he rest in peace.

Stanley Obi court case

Australian Sarah Mudge was Obi’s ex-girlfriend, mother of his three kids and the perpetrator of the crime.

According to multiple reports, she was upset over the outcome of a court hearing on Wednesday, March 9th 2022, where she lost custody of her three kids with Stanley.

Stanley Obi, Sarah Mudge and kids

Out of anger, she broke into his apartment in New Beith, Brisbane, and doused him in petrol whilst he was sleeping with his current girlfriend.

She then set him and the house on fire.

Obi’s new girlfriend managed to escape the blaze with his three kids – aged five, three and two.

Obi, however, was badly burnt and was pulled out of the fire by a heroic neighbour.

He suffered burns on 90% of his body and died shortly after being admitted to hospital.

Sarah Mudge also died in the fire.

The Nigerian met Sarah at a Christmas Party

Stanley reportedly met Ms Mudge at a Christmas party in 2017 and they spent the night together.

She later informed him she had gotten pregnant, and the staunch Christian felt he had no choice but to stay with her to have the child.

They would go on to have two more children before they broke up in late 2020.

According to Daily Mail, the couple broke up because she wanted six more children and he could not fulfil that.

After he chose to leave, she told him he was just a sperm donor and she would find more sperm donors to give her the kids she needs.


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