Dylan Butler Iowa – Who is Perry High School Shooter?

Dylan Butler has been identified as the school shooter who attacked Perry High school in Iowa today, killing one and injuring five.

Dylan Butler Iowa killed five and injured five people in his attack before turning the gun on himself and killing himself.

Reports of an active shooter at the Perry High School emerged Thursday morning at approximately 7:37 a.m. local time, Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante told reporters during a press briefing.

Infante said an officer responded to the school seven minutes later and located “multiple gunshot victims,”.

He added that police have identified the suspected shooter, but did not release any additional details.

“There is no further danger to the public. The community is safe,” Infante said.

“We’re just now working backwards, trying to figure out everything that happened and make notifications.”

Well, some online sleuthing has identified the killer as Dylan Butler Iowa.

Join us in this article as we break down all there is to know about him.

Who is Dylan Butler Iowa?

dylan butler iowa

Dylan Butler Iowa perpetrated the Perry High School Shootings of January 4th 2023.

At least one person was killed and at least three others injured in the shooting which occurred Thursday morning.

After some confusion over the identity of the suspect, MailOnline identified Dylan Butler Iowa as the Perry High School shooter.

Daily Mail published Butler’s name, attributing it to WHO13, a local station. 

The station’s web stories do not contain the name; however, Facebook comment writers indicated the name and TikTok photo were used on the air. 

The Dallas County sheriff said in a news conference that authorities know the shooter’s name but did not publicly release it.

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Nevertheless, social media has done much to dig up more about Dylan Butler Iowa, the Perry High School shooter.

One user wrote on Facebook: “𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚 – The individual responsible for the mass shooting at Perry High School has been identified as Dylan Butler. 

“It has come to light that Butler was not only involved in this horrific act of violence but was also active as an online 🏳️‍🌈 activist.

“He had a TikTok that he posted on very frequently and just before the incident he post a picture in the school bathroom saying “Now we wait.”

“His TikTok has now been scrubbed. 

dylan butler perry iowa shooter

“Who wants to bet this story will be hidden because he is🏳️‍🌈?”

MailOnline also wrote about Dylan Butler Iowa whom they described as ” a senior at Perry High School,”

“Hours before the shooting took place at 7:37 am, Butler posted a TikTok posing in what appeared to be the school bathroom, with the caption: ‘Now we wait.'” MailOnline reported.

“The senior pulled an odd face, as a blue duffle bag sat on the ground of the stall.  

“Butler posted the TikTok selfie with the song ‘Stray Bullet’ playing in the background. 

“In December, just weeks before the shooting,  Butler posted another video on the same social media account of him sitting on children’s playground equipment with a friend,  pretending to be in a gun fight using sticks,”

Channel 3 Now also reported on Butler’s identity, writing: “Perry High School suspect identified as Dylan Butler,  killed with self-inflicted gunshot wound,”

Another Facebook user commented on Butler and said the story might get buried due to his LGBTQ status.

“Dylan Butler has been identified as the mass shooter at Perry High – the Iowa shooter had the LGBT flag in his bio.  He had another post with the trans flag and the hashtag #genderfluid.

“It seems that Butler was LGBTQ online activist and part of 🏳️‍🌈 community. I give a few hours for the story to vanish,”

Authorities in the afternoon officially identified the Perry High School shooter as a 17-year-old student.

Dylan Butler Iowa appeared to have acted alone and was armed with a pump action shotgun and a small caliber handgun,  Mitch Mortvedt, the assistant director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, said at an afternoon news conference.

Police continue to look into a motive for the shooting, he said.

Officers also located an improvised explosive device at the scene, which Mortvedt described as “rudimentary.”

Multiple patients from the shooting at Perry High School are being treated at Iowa Methodist Medical Center and the MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center, the Polk County Medical Coordination Center said in a statement this afternoon.

All families of the victims have been reunited, the statement said.

Dylan Butler Perry Iowa shooter

dylan butler perry iowa

Dylan Butler Iowa carried out the Perry High School shooting of January 2024.

One person was reported dead and there were injured including the school’s principal,  Dan Marburger, who was rushed to hospital and is currently in surgery for his gunshot wounds. 

The other two people injured were students,  according to reports.  

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the shooting,  which happened on the first day of classes. 

The FBI Omaha Des Moines was on the scene, as was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive.

County Sherriff Adam Infante said at a press conference at 11am that police officers arrived at the high school seven minutes after the first call was made.

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The first responders found ‘multiple gunshot victims’ inside the school, but Infante said they are still working on confirming the number of victims of the rampage caused by Dylan Butler Iowa.

The sherriff said: “The community is safe. We are now working backwards, to see what happened,”

Today is the first day back after the winter break for the 1,785 students who study at the Perry Community School District.

Jody Kurth told reporters that her stepson was struck in the back and arm in the shooting, but is “doing really well.”

She said her daughter texted her about the shooting.

“It was absolutely horrifying, that’s one of the worst moments of my entire life,” she said. 

“But the best phone call I got was saying that they were OK.”

“I really never thought that Perry would have an issue like this,” she added.

Monica M. Gonzalez, a parent said her daughter ran from the scene of the Dylan Buler Iowa shooting until she reached the nearby National Guard Armory, where Perry students had been trained to shelter in the event of a mass shooting. 

The girl hid behind the building “because she was worried if the shooter got out of the school that he’d be running to their safe spot, too,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said she was shaken and “shocked” over the events of the day.

The school district will be closed on Friday, school officials said.

According to NBC News, the victims include a sixth-grade student who was killed, and four other students and a school administrator who were injured 

The child who was killed was a student at Perry Middle School, said Mitch Mortvedt, the assistant director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

Reactions to Perry High School shooting

dylan butler iowa shooter

Reactions have been coming in from political figures and stakeholders to the shooting.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis offered his support for Iowa after the school shooting at Perry High School on Thursday,  but said that dealing with such shootings “is more of a local and state issue,” declining to suggest any changes to federal law he’d support that would make them less frequent. 

The Republican presidential candidate touted efforts in Florida to keep schools safe in a joint interview with NBC News and the Des Moines Register. 

“We obviously, you know, have a responsibility to create safe environments. The federal government is probably not going to be leading that effort,” DeSantis said.

“I think it is more of a local and state issue,” he added. “But we’ve shown how it’s done in Florida. The things that we’ve done have been very, very effective.”

The chair of the Iowa Democratic Party said in a statement that students “should be able to focus on creating brighter futures for themselves while they are in their classrooms, not looking for escape routes, hiding places, or fearing for their safety.”

“I am so sad and so sorry that the Perry community is living this nightmare that has happened far too often across our country,” Chair Rita Hart said in a statement this afternoon.

“The Perry community deserves better. Iowa deserves better,” she said.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said on the social media platform X today that “our hearts are broken by this senseless tragedy” and that “our prayers are with the students, teachers & families of the Perry Community.”

“I have been in contact with law enforcement agencies & am continuing to monitor the situation. I will be joining their press conference today,” she wrote.

Perry Community School District

The Perry Community School District is a rural public school district headquartered in Perry, Iowa.

The district is mostly in northern Dallas County, with a smaller area in Boone County, and a small portion of Greene County. The district serves Perry and the surrounding rural areas, including the towns of Dawson and Bouton.

Clark Wicks has been superintendent since 2017, after serving as the part-time superintendent at Orient-Macksburg Community School District. He formerly served as the principal at Perry Elementary from 1989 to 2012.

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