Taylor Daniel, Karen & Kera Gordon Killed in Levittown Pa – Who are the Victims of Andre Gordon?

Taylor Daniel of Levittown, a beautiful, mother of two, was killed by her deranged baby daddy Andre Gordon, who also killed his sister Kera and stepmpother Karen Gordon.

The tragic series of incidents unfolded in Levittown, Pa Saturday.

Three people were fatally shot on Saturday morning in Falls Township, Pennsylvania.

The authorities have identified the gunman as Andre Gordon, aged 26.

The shootings occurred at two separate residences in Levittown, a neighborhood within Falls Township.

Gordon arrived at a residence in Levittown in a stolen vehicle and killed two people there – his 52 year old stepmother Karen Gordon and his 13 year old sister Kera Gordon.

After the initial shooting, he proceeded to another home in Levittown, where he shot and killed 25-year-old Taylor Daniel, the mother of his two children.

He also reportedly bludgeoned Taylor’s mother with his rifle but she’s expected to survive.

Gordon then fled to a Dollar General parking lot, where he stole a dark gray Honda at gunpoint.

He then drove about twenty minutes away to Trenton, New Jersey to hide in a home there.

Authorities later arrested him after barricading himself in the home but then escaped whilst a police cordon was being set up.

He was arrested near the home.

Taylor Daniel, Karen & Kera Gordon Killed in Levittown Pa

taylor daniel gordon levittown pa

25-year-old Taylor Daniel of Levittown, Pa was the mother of Andre Gordon’s two children.

He shot and killed her during his murderous rampage Saturday.

She was described as beautiful and a ‘supermom’ in a tribute posted on Facebook.

6abc reported Brianna Smith, who reported on the story, spoke to a friend who said of Taylor Daniel: “A supermom and carefree, happy, beautiful soul who worked so hard to provide for her 2 daughters and brought a smile to many faces.

“That’s how a friend describes Taylor Daniel, 25, of Levittown, PA. Police say Andre Gordon Jr. shot and killed Daniel Saturday morning; he’s the father of her daughters.
They say he also killed his stepmother and 13-year-old sister,”

Ivory Pacheco, an apparent friend of Daniel, also wrote: “I don’t know what to say. I’m lost,confused and still in shock. I don’t know what to feel. I can’t stop crying. I don’t wanna believe this. You were excited to move and start off fresh. You just got married. You just started being truly happy. I can’t believe I’m actually writing about how much I’m gonna miss you.

“I just wanted you to text me back. I knew something didn’t feel right. You always texted me back fast. I didn’t wanna believe it. I still don’t. I wish this wasn’t real. I wish I wasn’t writing past tense. This really hurt me. You were always so fun to be around. There wasn’t a moment where we were not laughing together. I’m gonna miss you and how you always spoke freely with no care in the world. I’m gonna miss all those mall trips just to go to Pink because they had sales.

“You were always so obsessed with getting a collection of perfumes from there. I love you Taylor I love you so much. Thank you for giving me 7 years of true friendship and always being a part of my family. I’ll never forget how amazing of a person you were. #Homebodies4life”

Alyssa Doerr, another friend, also wrote: “Taylor, you were my best friend from 4 years old to about middle school. To say I’m hurting right now doesn’t even begin to describe the pain I am feeling right now. I’m so sorry this happened. I love you Taylor,”

“RIP Taylor Daniel, you were a great mom and daughter. You were taken so tragically this morning and our family is devastated but well keep strong together. I hope they capture this thug before there are more victims,” said Cindy Jackson.

The other two victims of the incident were identified as Karen Gordon, 52, the perpetrator’s stepmother and Kera Gordon, 13, his own sister.

Andre Gordon

Andre Gordon trenton

A man suspected of fatally shooting three family members in their Philadelphia-area homes Saturday was arrested in New Jersey after evading law enforcement for hours as police mobilized across two states.

Steve Wilson, police director for the city of Trenton, New Jersey, said the man was arrested near a house where officers had believed he was barricaded inside.

He apparently left the home before the police cordon was erected.

Andre Gordon, aged 26, is the suspect involved in the fatal shootings that occurred in Falls Township, Pennsylvania.

He is accused of shooting dead three family members in an incident that has left the community in shock and prompted an extensive police response.

As of now, the specific motive behind the Falls Township, Pennsylvania shooting carried out by Andre Gordon has not been publicly disclosed.

Authorities are actively investigating the incident, and further details may emerge as the investigation progresses.

Police believe Gordon first broke into a home in the Falls Township community of Levittown and killed his 52-year-old stepmother, Karen Gordon, and his 13-year-old sister, Kera Gordon.

Three other occupants, including a 14-year-old, hid as the suspect went through the house, searching for them, the district attorney said.

She said police believe Gordon then drove to another home in Levittown and fatally shot 25-year-old Taylor Daniel, the mother of his two children, who were also there.

Daniel’s mother, who was bludgeoned, was expected to recover.

Officers believe that after the shootings, Gordon carjacked a vehicle in a parking lot in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, from a 44-year-old man who wasn’t harmed.

From there, officials said, he drove to the home in Trenton, where he was arrested nearby.

Levittown Pa

Levittown is a census-designated place (CDP) and planned community in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States.

It is part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The population was 52,699 at the 2020 census, down from 52,983 at the 2010 census.

Levittown is 40 feet (12 m) above sea level. Though not a municipality, it is sometimes recognized as the largest suburb of Philadelphia while Upper Darby, Lower Merion, Bensalem, Abington, and Bristol townships are municipalities larger in size within the three surrounding Pennsylvania counties.

Starting with land purchased in 1951, it was planned and built by Levitt & Sons. The brothers William Levitt and architect Alfred Levitt designed its six typical houses.

Levittown is located 72.5 miles (116.7 km) southeast of Allentown and 26.6 miles (42.8 km) northeast of Philadelphia.

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