Who is Humberto Paz? Man Arrested for Brownsville Public Library Murder

A man who was arrested for a murder in the Brownsville Public Library has been identified by Brownsville PD.

Humberto Paz, 33, has been charged with first-degree Murder, and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Paz was arrested on Saturday for shooting and killing a man who has been identified as 71-year-old Vahid Khaledi.

Initial information reveal a verbal altercation arose between the victim and the aggressor, both of whom were visiting the library.

It led to the shooting and Paz’s subsequent arrest.

The suspect was arraigned before court Sunday morning. Bond was set at $3.25m.

The judge further ordered that if he is able to post his bond the following conditions will apply:

  • be equipped with a GPS Monitor
  • be confined to house arrest
  • have no access to weapons

Meanwhile, the family of Khaledi set up a GoFundMe to raise money for his memorial.

“A very sad day today for my family and I as we struggle to make sense of this tragedy. My uncle was shot and killed inside of the brownsville public library yesterday because he asked someone to keep it down. We need help to pay for his burial and have setup a go fund me. If you are able to help, your blessings will be immensely appreciated and graciously accepted,” Sarah Khaledi wrote on Facebook.

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.

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