Who was Jemin Patel Melbourne Beach – Clearwater Plane Crash Victims Identified

Jemin Patel of Melbourne Beach has been identified as the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a mobile home in Clearwater, Florida, on Thursday.

The crash killed Patel and two people on the ground when the plane crashed into the mobile home.

Authorities early Saturday identified the victims as 86-year-old Martha Perry of Clearwater, 54-year-old Mary Ellen Pender from Treasure Island, and 54-year-old Jemin Patel of Melbourne Beach, who was the pilot.

Police said Perry lived at Pagoda Drive, and Pender was visiting the mobile home.

Following the identification, netizens are on the lookout to learn more about the victims starting with Jemin Patel, the pilot who hails from Melbourne Beach.

Some interesting information is coming out about Jemin Patel for those interested and you can learn more below.

Who was Jemin Patel Melbourne Beach?

jemin patel

Jemin Patel Melbourne Beach was a 54-year-old Indian-American software developer who was the pilot of an airplane that crashed into a mobile home in Clearwater, Florida.

On the evening of February 1, 2024, a small plane crashed into a mobile home park in Clearwater, Florida, killing the pilot and two people on the ground.

The plane, a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza V35, had reported an engine failure shortly before it went down, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The plane hit one home and set off a fire that damaged three others, but firefighters quickly contained the blaze.

The pilot was identified as Jemin Patel of Melbourne Beach, Florida.

He was flying from Vero Beach Regional Airport with a takeoff scheduled around 6:00 p.m. heading to Clearwater Airpark, about 40 miles away, when he contacted the St Pete–Clearwater International Airport to declare an emergency.

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He told the air traffic controller that he was “losing engine” and asked for the nearest airport.

The controller directed him to the St Pete–Clearwater airport, but the plane disappeared from the radar about three miles north of the runway.

The two people on the ground who died were Martha Parry, 86, and Mary Ellen Pender, 54. Parry lived in the mobile home park, Bayside Waters, and Pender was visiting her.

They were the only ones inside the home when the plane crashed.

So what do we know about Jemin Patel? He was a software developer and pilot who originally hailed from India.

According to a LinkedIn account in his name, Patel was a Director at ProcurePort specializing in New Client acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships.

Per his LinkedIn bio, “ProcurePort is a leading SAAS Platform for automating the Source to Pay Process. Independent modules for automating various procurement functions such as Requisitions, RFP, RFI, RFQ, e-Auctions, Award Management, P.O. & Invoice Automation, Contract Management, Supplier Information Management and Spend Analysis allow any organisation to automate their procurement process,”

Jemin Patel Melbourne Beach Florida is a graduate of the Indiana University-Purdue in Indianapolis.

Patel is linked to Indiana via his company. Records show the plane that crashed is registered to Control Data INC with an address listed in Indianapolis. More on that below.

Jemin Patel is also the Manager of DAS RENTAL 1 LLC incorporated in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

According to online information, the company is located at 3830 SOUTH HIGHWAY A1A, # 4-168, MELBOURNE BEACH – with the registered agent name being that of Jemin Patel.

DAS RENTAL 1 LLC has been incorporated since 2016.

Patel also holds a commercial pilot’s license. He was certified in 2022 but had a restriction on his licence, which was to wear corrective lenses.

He was married. According to Florida Today, Jemin Patel lived in Melbourne Beach Florida with his wife Tammy.

“We don’t have any comment at the present moment,” Tammy Patel told the publication.

On the night of the crash, Patel made a panicked emergency radio call.

“Coming to Albert Whitted (Airport),” he said, according to a recording of the transmission. “I can’t see the other airport.”

Seconds passed, then the pilot spoke again.

“I’m losing engine,” said Jemin Patel Melbourne Beach.

After an indecipherable noise, then several seconds of silence, another pilot spoke.

“Oh, f–k,” the other pilot said. “Tampa (the plane) just hit the ground really hard. I see flames.”

Aside from Patel, the other victims are Martha Perry and Mary Ellen Pender of Treasure Island Fl.

mary ellen pender treasure island fl
Mary Ellen Pender

Mary Ellen Pender Treasure Island Fl, 54, was married to Bobby Dixon, 64 and had gone to Clearwater to visit her 86-year-old friend Martha Perry.

She was a retired emergency room nurse from Queens who loved to travel.

According to her husband, Mary Ellen Pender often stayed behind after her visit was over to help the ageing Perry clean up and that might have doomed her.

“She had a big, loud laugh… and she had a big, loud mouth,” he said fondly, remembering his wife.

The couple were snowbirds enjoying their Treasure Island home in the winter and Connecticut in the summer. Pender loved being on the water, Dixon said.

“Mary Ellen was full of life,” he said. “The odds of that happening to her were one in a trillion.”

Dixon and Pender had been together for 26 years but married only 8 years ago.

Jemin Patel Control Data Inc Indianapolis

jemin patel melbourne beach

Some people are also curious about Control Data Inc indianapolis and its connection to Jemin Patel.

The single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza V35 which crashed around 7:00 p.m. Thursday after the pilot reported an engine failure in Clearwater was traced back to this company.

Records show the plane is registered to Control Data INC with an address listed in Indianapolis.

CONTROL DATA INC Indianapolis is a branch of Control Data Inc Ohio which is the home company.

Control Data Inc also has a presence in Florida.

The company has the number F17000000904 with two addresses – a HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS at 3830 S HWY A1A, STE 4-168, MELBOURNE BEACH, FL, 32951.

It also has a MAILING ADDRESS at 3830 S HWY A1A, STE 4-168, MELBOURNE BEACH, FL, 32951.

Jemin Patel, based also in Melbourne Beach, is listed as an agent of the company. Records show he was previously a secretary and then a director.

The Tampa Bay Times put it thus…” The company Control Data Inc directed by Jemin Patel is based in Indianapolis but also has a business presence in Florida, according to state corporation records.

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“Patel directed an affiliated business, ProcurePort, which specialized in providing business procurement and payment processing software to companies and organizations, according to his LinkedIn page and the company’s website,”

“Federal Aviation Administration records show the plane is a single-engine fixed-wing aircraft manufactured in 1979. It was one of two planes registered to the Indiana company, along with a Cessna,”

Clearwater plane crash victims

clearwater plane crash victims identified

Three people died after a small plane crashed into a mobile home park in Clearwater.

Investigators said the pilot of a single-engine plane radioed “mayday” to the Clearwater-Saint Pete airport around 7 p.m. Thursday to report an engine failure.

It disappeared from the radar about three miles north of the runway after crashing into a mobile home park.

At least four mobile homes caught fire.

Authorities responded swiftly to the crash, securing the scene and launching an investigation.

The Clearwater Fire and Rescue arrived at the site seven minutes after the first call for service, which was half a minute under the county’s standard for response time.

The Clearwater Police Department, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) also joined the efforts.

The NTSB said it would examine the plane’s wreckage, maintenance records, weather conditions and pilot’s history to determine the cause of the crash.

The Clearwater plance crash victims were later identified as the pilot, Jemin Patel, 54, of Melbourne Beach; Martha Parry 86, of 2647 Pagoda Drive; and Mary Ellen Pender, 54, of Treasure Island. She was visiting the mobile home.

The crash shocked and saddened the public, especially the residents of the mobile home park, who witnessed the horrific incident.

Some of them tried to help the victims, but the flames were too intense. Others said they heard a loud boom and saw smoke and debris. They described the scene as “terrifying” and “devastating”.

The mayor of Clearwater, Frank Hibbard, expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and praised the first responders for their bravery and professionalism. He also urged the public to respect the privacy of the affected residents and to avoid spreading rumors or speculation.

The Clearwater plane crash also raised some questions and concerns about the safety of small planes and the proximity of the mobile home park to the airport.

Some residents said they had complained about the noise and the low-flying planes before, but nothing was done. They said they feared something like this would happen someday.

The FAA said it had no records of any complaints from the mobile home park, and that the airport complied with all the federal regulations and standards.

The airport manager, Thomas Jewsbury, said the airport had a good safety record and that this was the first fatal crash involving a plane from the airport in more than 20 years.

The crash was a tragic accident that claimed three lives and affected many more.

It also highlighted the risks and challenges of flying small planes and living near airports. The lessons to be learned from the tragedy are to always be prepared for emergencies, to follow the safety protocols and procedures, and to support and comfort each other in times of grief and loss.

The crash also reminded us of the fragility and preciousness of life, and the importance of cherishing every moment we have with our loved ones.

Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach is a town in Brevard County, Florida, United States. It is part of the Palm Bay–Melbourne–Titusville Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population had 3,231 residents at the 2020 United States Census.

The Ais Indians resided in the area in pre-Columbian times. In 2010, a midden near Aquarina included a burial ground for a chief and two handmaidens.[4]

It has been suggested that Juan Ponce de León landed near Melbourne Beach in 1513, where he then became the first European to set foot in Florida.

A determination of this was made by a historian in the 1990s, who believed that the spot was “within five to eight nautical miles” on the barrier island with a proposed name of Ponce de León Island.

However, this suggestion has not been met with wide acceptance from historians who state that de Leon’s landing place cannot be known within a leeway of less than a hundred miles or so.

A statue of Ponce de León was erected at “Juan Ponce de León Landing” in Melbourne Beach to commemorate his discovery.

Melbourne Beach is Brevard County’s oldest beach community.

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