Who is Bren Orton? Popular Kayaker Missing in Switzerland

A popular kayaker who produces amazing content for social media, Bren Orton, has gone missing while kayaking in England.

Orton, 29, and some friends and colleagues were kayaking on the Melezza River in Switzerland when he became trapped in a recirculating feature of the water body.

He went under and did not resurface and despite all efforts of those with him, he could not be located.

Bren is officially considered missing at this point.

His boat sponsor, Pyranha, broke the news on social media.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce an accident involving Bren Orton,” wrote the kayaking brand yesterday on its social media pages.

“While kayaking with a group on the Melezza River in Switzerland, Bren became trapped in a recirculating feature and did not resurface. Authorities and friends are tirelessly continuing their search efforts, and at this time, Bren is considered missing.”

A “recirculating feature” is a hydraulic where the river forms a pourover or hole – not dissimilar to a low-head dam – where rafts and kayaks can become trapped.

Orton is considered one of the most talented professional kayakers around today and his Youtube videos regularly garner lots of views as he shows off incredible footage of his travels all across the world.

Following his disappearance, many have been paying tribute on social media and speaking about his great influence.

“Really hoping that he’s found. Bren’s videos have been inspiring me since day one. Maybe this one isn’t the most appropriate right now, but if you haven’t watched it’s really beautiful,” one Eric Collins wrote on Facebook.

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