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Who Is Barry Newman Wife Angela?

American actor Barry Newman is dead. He was 93. Barry Newman wife Angela confirmed his death to the Hollywood Reporter.

Barry Newman made his name in the 1971 Cult Classic Vanishing Point, portraying the character Kowalski. He was also famous for his role as Petrocelli on NBC.

Newman died May 11th 2023, according to his wife, Angela. 

This article answers the question – who is Barry Newman wife Angela? Plus tons of other questions about the life and career of the late Barry Newman.

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Barry Newman Wife Biography & Wiki

American actor Barry Newman has died at the age of 92, it has been confirmed. He is survived by his wife Angela.

Barry Newman wife Angela confirmed his death to the Hollywood Reporter, revealing the late beloved actor died of natural causes on the 11th of May 2023 at the NewYork-Presbyterian Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

He was 92.

Little is known about Angela Newman in the public square. According to our findings, Barry Newman has been married to his wife sine 1991.

Interestingly, they married once earlier but got divorced and later remarried in 1991, which lasted this time until his unfortunate passing in 2023.

It is unknown if Barry Newman and his wife have any children – although he is survived by one niece – author-journalist Judith Newman, and many nephews. 

barry newman biograpy & wiki

Barry Newman wife mourned him after his death, telling THR that Newman “was a rock for so many people, whose spirit he lifted and allowed to be free. He was truly a light for so many, with an incredible, hilarious sense of humor that lit everything and everyone up.”

Whilst little and less is known about his wife, much and more is known about the actor Barry Newman. He was born Barry Foster Newman in Boston, Massachusetts on November 7, 1930, the son of a Belarusian-born mother, Sarah (née Ostrovsky), and an Austrian father, Carl Newman, who managed the local outpost of the nightclub The Latin Quarter.

Barry was a childhood friend of the late legendary actor, Leonard Nimoy.

He graduated from the prestigious Boston Latin School, going on to graduate from Brandeis University with a degree in anthropology in 1952.

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Newman was drafted into the Army, and having learned saxophone and clarinet in high school, he was assigned to the 3rd Army Band in Atlanta. 

After being discharged, he went to New York to receive his master’s degree in anthropology from Columbia University.

His career in actor took off when a friend, who was studying acting with Lee Strasberg, invited him to sit in on a class.

Realising this was his true love, he left Columbia (and anthropology for good) after only five weeks to study acting with Strasberg.

His first role was in Herman Wouk’s first comedy Nature’s Way, in which he played a jazz musician. New York critic Richard Watts called him “The creme of the Jesters”. This role was followed by a featured part in the play Maybe Tuesday, written by Mel Tolkin.

After numerous Broadway appearances – a New York production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, the musical What Makes Sammy Run, Sidney Kingsley’s Night Live and America Hurrah, he received film and television roles as attorney John Barnes in the daytime drama The Edge of Night and the gangster potboiler Pretty Boy Floyd.

His breakthrough came in 1970 when he starred in The Lawyer.

The in 1971, things changed for the actor as he landed his seminal role as as Kowalski in the 1971 cult film, Vanishing Point, about an existential journey across the western United States by a car transport driver delivering a white Dodge Challenger from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California.

Newman went on to have a stellar career following his breakthrough, but had to retire after being diagnosed with vocal-cord cancer in 2007, but he recovered.

Barry Newman died May 11th 2023, as confirmed by his wife, Angela, may he rest in Peace.

Barry Newman Vanishing Point

barry newman vanishing point

Actor Barry Newman died in 2023, his wife Angela Newman has now confirmed, and his tribute would be incomplete without a look at his biggest role.

Vanishing Point is a 1971 American action film directed by Richard C. Sarafian, starring Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, and Dean Jagger. It focuses on a disaffected ex-policeman and race driver delivering a muscle car cross country to California while high on speed (‘uppers’), being chased by police, and meeting various characters along the way. The movie developed a cult following since its release.

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According to Newman, the film didn’t initially take off in America but after it became a smash hit across the pond in London, it developed a cult following back home as well.

“[It didn’t create much of a stir in the U.S., but when it opened in London at the Leicester Square Theater] “people lined up around the block to see it,” he told Paul Rowlands in a 2019 interview. 

“In England, I was a hero, and in America, I was just a guy picking up his bags at the plane terminal! It opened again in America after playing Europe and people then started getting on to the film. It became a cult film without me even realizing it. To this day, I’m always being asked to talk about it somewhere.”

He later told THR about the role: ‘This was very unique. I had just done this film about a lawyer, a Harvard graduate, and I thought this is a different kind of thing. The guy was the rebel, the antihero. I enjoyed doing that very much.”

After Vanishing Point, Barry Newman’s other seminal role was on Petrocelli, a television series that ran for two seasons on NBC from 1974-75. Petrocelli was created around the character Newman first played in The Lawyer (1970), who lived and worked in the fictional town of San Remo, Arizona (filmed in Tucson, Arizona). 

He was nominated for an Emmy in 1975 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and in 1976, for a Golden Globe.

Aside Vanishing Point and Petrocelli, Barry Newman starred in the film City on Fire with Henry Fonda and Ava Gardner, then in Disney’s Amy. 

He starred or co-starred in more than 20 TV movies of the week, including ABC’s King Crab, which won the ABC Theater Award. He also co-starred in several miniseries, including Fatal Vision. 

In 1989, Barry Newman starred with Suzanne Pleshette in the television series Nightingales. In the early 1990s, Newman starred in the BBC’s production of The Mirror Cracked. During the 1990s, Newman co-starred in Daylight, Bowfinger, and The Limey.

Other roles were Fear Is the Key, 1980’s King Crab and several other telefilms; the movies City on Fire (1979), Amy (1981) and Good Advice (2001); and the series L.A. Law, Murder, She Wrote, The Fall Guy and The O.C., where he played Professor Max Bloom.

Angela Newman

angela newman with husband, Barry

Angela Newman is the wife of late American actor, Barry Newman.

Little is known about Angel Newman aside from the fact she was married twice to Barry and they remarried for the 2nd and last time in 1991.

They have been together since until Newman’s death May 11th 2023 at the NewYork-Presbyterian Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

All condolences to Barry Newman wife, Angela Newman.

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Cult heroic actors have been falling like flies lately as a similar death recently engulfed Hollywood, that of the actor George Maharis.

George Maharis was a gay American actor, singer and artist who was known for his stint on the tv show Route 66.

He was born on September 1st 1928 to a family of nine in Astoria in Queens. The son of Greek immigrants (their real Greek family name is Mahairas), Maharis had seven siblings! His father was a restaurateur.

He attended Flushing High School and served in the United States Marine Corps for 18 months.

After studying at the Actors Studio, Maharis began his career appearing in off-Broadway productions of Jean Genet’s Deathwatch and Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story. 

He also appeared on Studio One, Kraft Television Theater, Goodyear Television Playhouse, Stirling Silliphant’s Naked City and Otto Preminger’s Exodus, and in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow as Bud Gardner, one of Joanne Gardner’s relatives who married Janet Bergman Collins.

George Maharis gained nationwide stardom after being cast as Buz Murdock in the TV series Route 66 in 1960 alongside his co-star Martin Milner. 

Despite being only 32 at the time the series started, he credibly played a character that was only 23 years old. Maharis was so good on Route 66 that he received an Emmy nomination for his performance in 1962, although he would leave the show before completion of its third season, citing health reasons.

He battled Hepatitis and other conditions at the time and said he was leaving the show due to long hours and grueling conditions while shooting on location. 

“I have to protect my future”, Maharis said in a 1963 interview. “If I keep going at the present pace, I’m a fool. Even if you have $4,000,000 in the bank, you can’t buy another liver.”

After leaving television behind, Maharis appeared in numerous movies including Quick, Before It Melts (1964), The Satan Bug and Sylvia (both 1965), A Covenant With Death and The Happening (both 1967), and The Desperados (1969).

He returned to television in 1970, starring as criminologist Jonathan Croft in The Most Deadly Game. The series lasted 12 episodes, ending in January 1971.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Maharis had featured roles in several television movies and also guest-starred on numerous television series, including Mission: Impossible, Fantasy Island, Kojak, McMillan & Wife, Barnaby Jones, Police Story, Switch, Cannon, Night Gallery, and The Bionic Woman, as well as Murder, She Wrote in 1990.

George Maharis died on May 24th 2023 at his home in Beverly Hills, California at the ripe old age of 94. 

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