Jefferson Machado Wiki – All To Know About Late Actor Found Buried In Trunk

Jefferson Machado was a Brazilian actor who was found dead in a trunk in May 2023 – learn all about him in this wiki.

A Brazilian actor is dead after being found buried inside a trunk in a Rio de Janeiro home.

Machado went missing in January this year and was shockingly discovered tied up and stuffed six feet inside a wooden trunk.

Police were able to identify him as the victim via fingerprints.

In this article, presents Jefferson Machado Wiki and biography – find out all there is to know about him.

Jefferson Machado Wiki

jefferson machado wiki

Jefferson Machado was a Brazilian actor who was found dead in a trunk in May 2023 – learn all about him in this wiki.

The late actor was born in 1979 to his mother, Maria das Dores and his father, Senor Machado in Araranguá. Ararangua is a city located in the southern part of Santa Catarina state, in the south of Brazil. 

Jefferson Machado was 44 years old when he died in 2023. His birthday is currently unknown.

He grew up in his home state and had the best education available there. In 1997, at the age of 18, Machado started studying to become an actor. He also studied law and social communication.

Machado will go on and build a solid career, becoming one of the most well-loved and famous actors in Brazil. His movies include the “Placebo Effect (Efeito Placibo) in 2021,” which he also co-wrote. In his final role before his death, Machado played a Philistine soldier in the 2022 telenovela “Reis.”

The multi-talented thespian tried his hands at other careers including journalism, production and volunteering. In Santa Catarina, he even worked as a gossip columnist for magazines in Rio do Sul, in the Itajaí Valley, and Florianópolis.

The beloved actor went missing from his Rio de Janeiro home on January 27th 2023 and was officially declared missing by police on February 9th.

According to his mother, Maria das Dores, she last spoke to her son on January 29th, when he told her he had travelled to Sao Paolo to interview for a job and was staying with a friend.

The family became increasingly worried when she stopped getting calls from him and only received text messages that were badly misspelt. 

Maria added that: “He also said that he dropped his cell phone in the toilet, therefore, he was unable to make a video call,”

The final nail in the coffin appearing to confirm something was wrong was when his cloud’s password was changed and his location was deactivated in February.

The family’s worst fears were confirmed when a non-governmental agency reached out to them to tell them that his eight dogs had been left abandoned at his home in Rio de Janeiro.

After that, police investigations continued until he was discovered dead in May.

Jefferson Machado’s body was found by members of Brazil’s Whereabouts Discovery Police Station (DDPA) on Monday, May 22nd 2023. He was tied up inside a wooden trunk and buried under a Rio de Janeiro property.

His corpse was tied up and stuffed inside a wooden trunk that was buried six feet beneath the concrete floor of an outhouse in the western Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood of Campo Grand. Police identified Jefferson Machado as the victim via fingerprints.

“He had his arms tied behind his head and buried in a trunk that is very similar to the ones in his own house,” the family’s lawyer Jairo Magalhães said in a statement.

The lawyer added that the corpse had a “line” on the neck, indicating that he was strangled.

A family friend, Cintia Hilsendeger said Machado had been murdered by “envious, evil and, of course, unscrupulous people,” 

The property were Jefferson Machado’s corpse was found was confirmed as belonging to a woman who told police she had rented the outhouse to a man.

Police have pinpointed him as a suspect in the murder although they are yet to release his identity.

According to reports, the suspect was last seen entering the property where Machado was found about a month ago. He allegedly knew the actor, although details of their relationship have yet to be released.

An ebullient actor and ladies man, Machado would be sorely missed on the screens in Brazil. He is survived by his mother and a sibling as well as one nephew/niece.

Aside from his acting career, Machado has worked as a press officer, producer, art director, set designer, window designer and stylist in campaigns, events, fashion shows, music videos and TV shows.

He has also volunteered as a press officer and producer at charity events.

Above all else, Jefferson Machado was also identified as a lover of dogs. As mentioned earlier, an NGO confirmed he was missing after finding his 8 dogs abandoned.

Each of the dogs had their own tracking device – two of them have sadly died but six more are still alive and being treated at a veterinarian centre.

May he rest in peace and his killer found and punished!

Jefferson Machado movies

Jefferson Machado movies include Efeito Placibo (the Placebo Effect) which was released in 2021, according to the Jefferson Machado IMDB page.

His telenovela appearances are more numerous, including Reis and many others.

Jefferson Machado Instagram

jefferson machado instagram

The late Brazilian actor, Jefferson Machado is on Instagram @jeffmachadocosta

Following his death, a family friend, Cintia Hilsendeger, released a statement to confirm his passing. 

She said: “It is with great regret that we inform you that Jeff was found dead on 05/22/2023. Jefferson was coldly and brutally murdered by envious, evil and, of course, unscrupulous people. Soon we will give you more information. 

“The RJ Paradeiro Police did an excellent job! Thank you so much to everyone who helped with every little detail. Pray, good thoughts are what Jeff needs right now. 

“I’m Cintia Hilsendeger, a friend of Jeff and the family and I’ve been on Jeff’s social media all the time collecting information.”

The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect (Efeito Placebo in Portuguese) is a 2021 movie starring the late Brazilian actor, Jefferson Machado.

According to the movie synopsis: “A doctor creates a new drug and tests on five friends during his birthday, but things turn into a nightmare when the drug takes effect.”

The Placebo Effect was directed by Arthur Moric and stars Arthur Chermont, Ivan Nobrega, Paola Rodrigues, Jacidio Leao, Diego Lucena, Thais Tresoldi, Carol Caliri and Jefferson Machado, amongst others.

It is based on a screenplay by Carol Caliri, Felipe Lemos, Arthur Moric and Jefferson Machado.

Machado plays a cop in the movie.


Below are some pictures of the late Jefferson Machado.

jefferson machado pictures


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