Who are Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelley? – Ex Mother-in-law, 3 Others Arrested In Connection to Missing Oklahoma Moms

Four people have been arrested in connection to the disappearance of Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelley, two missing moms in Oklahoma.

Butler, 27 and Kelly, 39, were traveling together to pick up Butler’s children aged 6 and 8 years old on March 30th when they disappeared.

The disappearance came amidst a nasty custody battle between Butler, her ex-husband, Wrangler Cole Rickman, and her ex-mother-in-law.

According to MailOnline, the two moms are believed to have been shot after authorities discovered pools of blood next to their empty car about 1,000 feet off of Oklahoma State Highway 95.

veronica butler jillian kelley

In the latest update to the case, Butler’s mother-in-law Tifany Machel Adams, and three others were arrested Saturday.

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A convoy of 20 police vehicles including SWAT trucks was spotted travelling quickly along a dirt track in the Oklahoma panhandle on Saturday.

Part of the convoy stopped at the home of Adams as she and her boyfriend Tad Bert Cullum were arrested and booked.

Two others had been arrested with one person in Texas County and three in Cimarron County.

In a statement, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation identified the four as 43-year-old Tad Bert Cullum, 54-year-old Tifany Machel Adams, 50-year-old Cole Earl Twombly, and 44-year-old Cora Twombly.

They have been charged with two counts of First-Degree Murder, two counts of Kidnapping, and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Murder in the First Degree and are being held in the Texas County Jail.

MailOnline reports that Kelley was an acquaintance of Butler’s as she’s a pastor who was in charge of supervising Butler’s visitation with her kids.

Days before the two women went missing, Butler filed a petition in court that would grant her more time with her children, with her goal being full custody, according to News Nation.

Court filings claimed that Butler and the children’s grandmother, Adams, were not getting along amid the nasty battle.

Butler had weekly, court-mandated visits with the kids every Saturday and Kelley was one of four people who could supervise those visits.

The two moms were on a trip for one of those visits when they disappeared.

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