Who was Joshua Eyer? Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD Officer Killed In Charlotte Shooting

Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD officer Joshua Eyer is the 4th law enforcement official killed in the shooting that rocked North Carolina Monday.

Three U.S. Marshalls were killed and 5 officers injured in the shooting, one critically.

The identities of the injured U.S. Marshalls have yet to be released while the critically injured officer, Eyer, has passed away.

“Officer Joshua Eyer has passed away tonight from his injuries after being shot in the line of duty this afternoon while assisting other officers with the apprehension of a suspect,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD wrote on Facebook.

“Officer Eyer faithfully served the CMPD’s North Tryon Division for six years and was a member of the 178th Recruit Class. We are forever indebted to Officer Eyer for his bravery and ultimate sacrifice. His life and service will never be forgotten. Please say a prayer for Officer Eyer’s loved ones during this difficult time,”

Eyer died with his family by his side, according to CMPD Chief Jennings.

“He fought for several hours and passed away from his injuries with his wife and family by his side tonight. Officer Eyer was 6-year veteran with the CMPD, and I am truly grateful for his bravery, service and ultimate sacrifice. He will never be forgotten, and we are forever indebted,” he said on X.

The shooting occurred when officers of a U.S. Marshalls Task Force and CPMD officers attempted to serve a warrant for a felon wanted for possessing a firearm.

The task force was fired on by the wanted suspect as they approached the house and the man was killed in the front yard.

A second person then fired on officers from inside the home where a high-powered rifle was found, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings.

The Marshal’s Service confirmed one of its agents was killed and did not release a name. Two officers from the state Department of Adult Correction also were killed, said North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.

One other member of the task force, which is made up of federal agents and other officers from across the region was injured.

Four Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers who responded to the scene were shot while trying to rescue the wounded officers.

Eyer, who was in critical condition, passed on.

According to the StoneBridge Church community, Officer Joshua Eyer is the son-in-law of a prominent local official.

“Officer Eyer also happens to be the son-in-law of the board chairperson of StoneBridge community partner, Cabarrus Women’s Center. Officer Eyer and two of the other injured CMPD officers are with the North Tryon Division, which also serves Hidden Valley.

“Please be in prayer for the families of the deceased and injured officers, and for Captain Jason Colquitt of the North Tryon Division as he leads and cares for his team during this horrible time. He has told us that he covets our prayers,”

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