Who is Gabrielle Rodriguez? – Mikey Valdez’s Mom Points Fingers at Cops Over Son’s Death

Gabrielly Rodriguez, the mother of Mikey Valdez, the 18-year-old killed during the Historic market square shooting, has faulted police for his death.

Rodriguez, speaking with the media, said her son did not initiate the shooting and that cops shot him 5 times and left him to die.

According to San Antonio police, Valdez shot at a 20-year-old man, Albert Cisneros Jr, then ran from police, who chased him down and gunned him down.

“The detective from homicide, she stated that the footage had showed that my son possibly wasn’t in the wrong,” Rodriguez told Kens5.com.

She said she was disgusted when she saw videos circulating on social media of her son, shot.

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“I’m seeing a video of my son laying on the floor, gasping for air,” Rodriguez said.

“The officers didn’t tend to him, they didn’t check his pulse, they didn’t do any of that, they just put handcuffs on him and let him die.”

She said she wants to see the body camera video herself.

“He was supposed to come home,” Rodriguez said.

Footage from social media showed a chaotic night during the shooting.

One video taken by Jaden Martinez, shows people running for safety as shots are being fired.

Fermin Suarez, a vendor who was just feet away from the gunfire, described what happened.

“We hear multiple shots, I want to say it was like eight to 10 shots,” Suarez said. “Everybody is running, ducking, diving.”

Aside from the two deceased gentlemen, four bystanders were hurt, which included two women who were shot.

They are all expected to be okay.

On social media, Rodriguez’s claims have sparked intense reactions.

“I’m sorry for your loss ma’am but your son is responsible for HIS actions. HIS actions is what got him into this situation in the first place. I’m sorry that he didn’t make better choices. Please don’t place the blame on SAPD or yourself,” one comment said.

Another opined: “As a mother I’d still want them to do everything they could. But this was moments after he took someone’s life 💔 They unfortunately became victims of San Antonio’s youth failure . Rip to both,”

“I’m sorry for the mother’s pain. I can not imagine losing a son because I have three boys, but it looks like your son cared less about anybody and suffered the consequences, and the policeman well I can only applaud them for keeping everyone else safe because they have to deal with a young society who only cares about no-one but themselves,” another comment read.

One Samantha Deleon jumped to Rodriguez’s defense: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s crazy how I’m seeing a lot of negative post about how he wasn’t innocent. SMH what most are failing to forget he’s still a son to a mother. A mother who is grieving & is about to bury her child.

“I would never wish a loss of a child upon any parent regardless of how he lived his life. We parents can raise & teach our children right from wrong, but once they reach 18 we can only pray they take it all in and not go down the wrong path. His actions shouldn’t be judged on his mother. At the end of the day she lost her child & for that no one shouldn’t knock her any more down then she already feels,”

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