Who were Mikey Valdes and Albert Cisneros Jr? – Two Killed in Officer Involved Shooting at Historic Market Square

Mikey Valdez and Albert Cisneros Jr have been identified as the two men killed during an officer-involved shooting at the Historic Market square.

Valdez, 18, and Cisneros Jr, 20, had opened fire on each other amid a crowd at Fiesta de los Reyes at San Antonio’s Historic Market Square, just after midnight Sunday.

Valdez struck Cisneros Jr multiple times during their exchange. Officers then returned fire on Valdez, striking him fatally.

“The two individuals that were shot were young men. Both were armed and shooting at each other,” said San Antonio Police Chief McManus.

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“There were two weapons recovered at the scene. One is next to the individual who is deceased on the scene. And then there’s another weapon where the other individual was shot – in a flower bed right next to him.”

Valdez was pronounced dead at the scene while Cisneros died at a nearby hospital.

The shooting left four bystanders with injuries, with two taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and two treated on the scene.

Valdez’s mother, Gabrielle Rodriguez, lamented the police treatment of her son, claiming he was only defending himself.

“The detective from homicide, she stated that the footage had showed that my son possibly wasn’t in the wrong,” Rodriguez said.

She said she was disgusted when she saw videos circulating on social media of her son, shot.

“I’m seeing a video of my son laying on the floor, gasping for air,” Rodriguez said. “The officers didn’t tend to him, they didn’t check his pulse, they didn’t do any of that, they just put handcuffs on him and let him die.”

According to the San Antonio Police Department, Valdez had prior arrests for serial vehicle burglary.

He was arrested earlier this month with SAPD writing on social media: “Today, #SAPD Property Crimes Task Force, with the assistance of U.S. Marshals, apprehended Mikey Valdez on active felony warrants including a theft of vehicle warrant. The listed suspect is believed to be connected to multiple burglary of vehicle cases, that have occurred throughout the San Antonio area.

“The suspect would target heavy populated parking lots, break into vehicles, and steal property including firearms. Multiple stolen firearms were recovered during the apprehension of the suspect,”

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