Who is Alice Benziger? San Mateo Mother, Twin Children and Husband Anand Henry Found Dead

Alice Benziger is a San Mateo mother who alongside her husband, Anand Henry and their two children were found dead in their home.

Alice Priyanka Benziger and her family had passed away reportedly from an alleged murder-suicide.

Initial reporting from India alleged the deaths were from a poisonous gas leak in the house but authorities said the children died from being smothered, strangled or given a lethal overdose whilst Alice and her husband were found with gunshot wounds in the bathroom.

San Mateo police were called to a house in the 4100 block of Alameda de las Pulgas Monday morning.

Once there, they were met with a tragic scene of a family of four all dead.

As folks attempt to learn more about this family, we present what we know below.

Join us to learn all there is to know about Alice Benziger, her husband Henry Anand and other need to know information.

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Who was Alice Benziger?

alice benziger

Alice Benziger was an Indian-American woman who was allegedly murdered by her husband, Anand Henry who then murdered their four-year-old twins Noaha and Nathan and then himself in the couple’s plush home in San Mateo.

Anand Henry was 38 years old and his wife Alice Priyanaka Benziger was 37 years old.

Alice Priyanka was the daughter of the late Benziger and Juliet.

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Alice was a graduate of the TKM Engineering College with a degree in civil engineering.

According to her LinkedIn account, she also attended the Nanyang Technological University for a Financial Engineering degree.

She holds additional degrees from the Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business and a Master’s Degree in Data Science from the University of San Francisco.

Per her LinkedIn once again, Alice Benziger worked as a Data Scientist at Dictionary.com, a Financial Engineer with Murex in Singapore, a senior Quantitative analyst with change.org and her most recent position was as Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, Lead data scientist and data science manager at Zillow, all between December 2017 till her death.

anand henry and wife alice priyanka benziger - san mateo family of four found dead

Alice Benziger and her husband were both working for an IT company at the time of their death – LinkedIn asserts the company to be Logits, an in-house, generative AI company they co-founded in July 2023.

Interestingly, legal documents available online reveal Henry Anand Sujith filed for divorce (separation) from Alice Priyanka Benziger in 2016.

The documents show the marriage was dissolved in 2017, but the couple were obviously together at the time of their tragic deaths indicating they later reconciled. NBC Bay Area reported that Anand withdrew the petition.

A lawyer who worked on the 2016 divorce told MailOnline that the couple split at the time due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ and that they weren’t aware they had reconciled and remarried.

Alice Benziger would meet her tragic death at her home in San Mateo with her husband and twin children.

According to reports, Alice’s mother Juliet had visited the family in San Mateo and left over the weekend.

However, when she got back to India, WhatsApp messages to her daughter and her Anand Henry were not answered, forcing her to reach someone else in the U.S. to contact law enforcement.

anand sujit henry

“Today we got a call from their maid, who informed us that the couple had been found dead inside their home.

“According to her, the reason for the death was a gas leak from the air conditioner. Police have reached the spot and recovered the body,” a relative Caludius told Indian media.

“Their brothers Ajith and Anthony are on the way to the US, as per police request to identify the body. Alice’s mother, Julliet, was with them until this Sunday,” he added.

However, police refuted the gas leak claim Tuesday, alleging the deaths were being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Sources with direct knowledge of the investigation told NBC Bay Area that police believe the boys were killed by one of the parents – likely Anand- who then killed Alice and himself using a 9-mm pistol.

Alice Benziger and Anand Henry were found inside a bathroom, according to police.

They both had gunshot wounds and a 9-millimeter pistol and a loaded magazine were found in the bathroom.

“We are confident the person responsible was located within the home,” police said in a statement.

Additional reporting now reveals that police received a call for a wellness check on the couple Sunday but did not enter the residence before finding the dead bodies on Monday.

That call came from a concerned relative.

Police responded at around 11 pm, knocked on the door, walked around the perimeter of the house, peered inside, and saw nothing to indicate foul play.

Police told Daily Mail that after canvassing the neighborhood for an hour Sunday night, they left.

On Monday, a nanny who was starting her first day of work at the residence also came and saw the door locked, with a note to call the relative who called police the previous day.

The nanny called 911 and this time, police entered the residence through an unlocked window, to be met by the gruesome murder scene.

Despite not entering the residence Sunday, police told Daily Mail that they “stand by their initial decision not to enter, saying it wasn’t justified given that the door was locked, that there was nothing visible through the windows, and no sign of a break-in,”

They also say the couple were probably already dead when they got to the residence Sunday, but that can only be confirmed once toxicology results are in.

Alice Priyanka Benziger and family of 4 found dead in San Mateo

alice priyanka

A shocking and heartbreaking scene unfolded in a San Mateo home on Monday morning, where four people, two adults and two young children, were found dead.

Officials were alerted to the situation after someone asked them to check on the welfare of the four occupants.

“It’s a terrible and sad call. This is not something that anyone gets or responds to often. It’s a tragedy for the family, the community, the officers, everyone involved,” said Officer Jerami Surratt, a spokesperson for the San Mateo police.

alice priyanka benziger

Officers arrived at the home on the 4100 block of Alameda de las Pulgas at 9:13 a.m. Monday, following a call from someone who was worried that they had not heard from the four people for a while, Surratt said during a press briefing Monday afternoon.

Officers inspected the home and saw no evidence of a break-in. Officers entered the home and found the four bodies with “obvious signs of death.”

Surratt did not give any details on what those signs were or the condition of the home, as the investigation is still ongoing.

He also did not reveal the cause of death, but said officials think the deaths were isolated and there is no suspect on the loose.

Surratt also did not give any descriptions of the four people, except that the two young minors were boys.

He also did not say whether the people were related, or how the person who made the initial call was connected to the four deceased. He said the only sign they could confirm is that the four were not breathing.

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The four have been identified as Anand Henry, 38, his wife Alice Priyanaka Benziger, 37, and their four-year-old twins.

Detectives from the San Mateo Police Department were summoned to the home to continue the investigation, Surratt said, adding that it’s going slowly because detectives want to be thorough.

The San Mateo County Coroner’s Office was also present to help identify the four dead and the District Attorney’s Office was informed, he said. No hazmat teams were needed to respond, Surratt said.

An autopsy will be performed Tuesday morning, he said.

People are advised to stay away from the area as officers carry on their investigation.

As of Monday evening, Alameda de las Pulgas was shut down from 42nd to 39th avenues, residents who live near the scene within the closed area are being escorted to and from their homes.

Anand Henry

anand henry

Anand Sujith Henry was an Indian Mechanical Engineer of Malayali ethnicity who died alongside his wife and their two four-year-old kids in their San Mateo, California home.

Anand Henry, 38, his wife Alice Priyanka Benziger, 37, and their four-year-old twins, were all found dead at their home in located in the 4100 block of Alameda de las Pulgas near Fernwood St.

The incident occurred on Monday, February 12th 2024.

Anand Henry is a graduate of the TKM Engineering College in India with a degree in mechanical engineering.

According to LinkedIn, he also attended Carnegie Mellon University and Singapore Management University.

His wife, Alice was also a graduate of the TKM Engineering College with a degree in civil engineering.

They were both working as software engineers for an IT company at the time of their death – LinkedIn asserts the company to be Logits, an in-house, generative AI company he co-founded in July 2023.

Anand Henry previously worked for almost 8 years between May 2014 and January 2022 as Software Engineering Manager at Google then joined Meta for just over a year between February 2022 to June 2023 in the same position.

San Mateo county

San Mateo County officially the County of San Mateo, is a county located in the U.S. state of California.

As of the 2020 census, the population was 764,442. Redwood City is the county seat, and the third most populated city following Daly City and San Mateo.

San Mateo County is included in the San Francisco–Oakland–Berkeley, CA MSA (metropolitan statistical area), Silicon Valley, and is part of the San Francisco Bay Area, the nine counties bordering San Francisco Bay.

It covers most of the San Francisco Peninsula. San Francisco International Airport is located in the northeastern area of the county and is approximately 7 miles (11 km) south of the city and county limits of San Francisco, even though the airport itself is assigned a San Francisco postal address.

The county’s built-up areas are mostly suburban, and are home to many corporate campuses.

San Mateo County was formed in 1856 upon the division of San Francisco County, one of the state’s 18 original counties established at California statehood in 1850.

Until 1856, San Francisco’s city limits extended west to Divisadero Street and Castro Street, and south to 20th Street. In 1856, the California state government divided the county.

A straight line was then drawn across the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula just north of San Bruno Mountain. Everything south of the line became the new San Mateo County while everything north of the line became the new consolidated City and County of San Francisco.

San Mateo County was officially organized on April 18, 1857, under a bill introduced by Senator T.G. Phelps.

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