Who is Siva Auvae? Australian Mom of 4 Stabbed by Partner

Siva Auvae, an Australian mom of 4 was stabbed to death by her partner, Anaru Ormond.

Siva Auvae, 31, was stabbed “multiple times” before she fled her home in Frances Court, Kallangur, north of Brisbane around 7pm Saturday. 

She reportedly collapsed a short distance away with neighbours revealing they heard “a curdling scream”, before they saw a woman run approximately 400m from Frances Court to Brimstone Court, while being chased by another male.

Siva Auvae’s partner, Anaru Ormond suffered multiple burns in a fire that engulfed their home and later died as well.

In this article, we learn all there is to know about Siva Auvae.

Who is Siva Auvae?

siva auvae

Siva Auvae was a 31-year-old Australian woman who sadly died few days from her 32nd birthday after being stabbed by her partner.

Siva Auvae was born on 25th December 1991, and was only days away from her 32nd birthday when she sadly died.

She had four children at the time of her death, with her youngest reportedly not even one year old.

Auvae and her partner had literally moved to Brisbane from NSW in the past week, Queensland Police Service Detective Inspector David Harbison said.

siva auvae anaru ormond spotted on her locked Facebook acc

Police were alerted to a nearby house fire, 100 metres away from where Ms Auvae was found.

Auvae’s partner was found an hour later on Butterfly Court with serious burn injuries. He was taken to hospital where he died on Sunday morning.

Detective Harbison said Queensland Police received no calls before the fire broke out.

“It was a very dynamic, evolving incident when police, paramedics and fire officers arrived,” he said at a press conference on Sunday.

“Forensic police with the assistance of our investigators continue to scour through the fire scene … and police are piecing together the movements of the deceased persons.”

The sad circumstances surrounding her death were laid out by Sherele Moody in a post on Facebook.

“For the 71st time this year, I am writing about a woman killed. Last night mum-of-four Siva Auvae was at her home in Kallangur, Qld.” she wrote.

“Her partner stabbed her repeatedly. She ran for help but died in the street. He set her home on fire. He died this morning from injuries sustained in the blaze.

“Siva Auvae is the 71st Australian woman killed this year and the third woman killed in the past 10 days.

Born on Christmas Day, Siva was just a little over two weeks from her 32nd birthday. Her youngest child is not yet one,2

She added: “Siva was a much-loved mum, sister, daughter, friend and member of the Australian-New Zealand community.

Like so many of the women killed over the past 11.5 months, her life was stolen by a male known to her – another victim of Australia’s femicide epidemic. RIP SIVA AUVAE! ❤️”

The deceased was mourned by her friends and family in posts on Facebook.

“I’ll look for you in the next life my stunning cousin. 😭😞. Your effortless natural beauty. Your flawless nature. Our memories.

The most beautiful Māori Island cousin I ever did have. 🌺😭,” one cousing wrote.

“I love you my cousin WE love you! You have touched so many hearts 💕 and this has shattered us in so many ways!  Our whanau are awaiting your arrival x and your babies 💔.

Sending all my love your way my cousin as we aren’t their besides you in the flesh.. we ARE..ALL THEIR at heart!,” another cousin wrote.

A fundraiser was set up to raise money for her surviving kids which can be accessed at this link.

Siva Auvae’s Facebook account has been locked.

May she rest in peace.

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