Who was Sean Herman? Nashville PD Officer Fired After Appearing in Only Fans Video

Sean Herman has been fired from the Metro Nashville Police Department after he appeared in an Only Fans video in uniform.

Herman starred in the video with a local Only Fans creator known as Jordin titled ‘Can’t Believe He Didn’t Arrest Me’.

And while he kept his face out of the video, a slight peek at his uniform showing his shoulder patch ended up dooming him.

The video starts with Jordin behind the wheel of a car with a man in the passenger seat.

An officer pulls them over and Jordin promises she’ll get off by showing him her t*ts.

The officer, who kept was only shown from shoulder down, identifies himself as ‘Officer Johnson of PD’ then asks for her licence and registration but Jordin shows him her t*ts instead.

He gropes her and she grabs his crotch but while engaging in the fun part, he inadvertently gave the camer a slight peek at his Metro Nashville Police Department badge.

An investigation by MNPD led to Herman being outed and fired.

“His actions were totally outrageous and incredibly disrespectful to every MNPD employee and this agency as a whole,” the MPD said in a statement.

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