Who was Mike Clemens? Motorcycle Rider Dead in Ghastly Yorkville Accident

A man died in a motorcycle accident in Yorkville, Illinois Tuesday, identified as Mike Clemens.

Clemens died after crashing his motorcycle in Yorkville, according to numerous posts by his family and friends on social media.

An avid rider, Clemens died in a crash involving his bike as narrated by another ride who came upon the scene of the crash.

Scott Dojo wrote in a post on Facebook: “I came up on a motorcyle accident yesterday in Yorkville….. The rider had already been transported but his bike remained standing,” he began.

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“I talked with another biker sitting there by me and he also wondered if it was one of his brothers ….. Turns out that the rider was a great man, friend to many, Mike Clemens,”

Dojo continued: “I didnt hang around with Mike but it is evident from the many posts that I see from our mutual friends that he was a great man and loved by many,”

He went ahead to reveal that Clemens had been active with charity work and other philanthropic activities during his lifetime.

INK 180, a page on Facebook corroborated that, writing; “We would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Mike Clemens. Mike lost his life this morning in a motorcycle accident.

“I didn’t know Mike personally, but he called me last week and asked us if we could donate a gift card for a fundraiser he and his friends were organizing for one of our safe house partners to which we said absolutely,”

Ripped Jeans Duo, a band also had nothing but nice things to say about the late Clemens.

“Some of you may know Mike Clemens. He came to a lot of our gigs and was one of the most supportive people for us. You may have heard him yell out “buy shirts!”

“Just to help us sell more. Mike passed away this morning after a motorcycle accident and we are heartbroken. One of the coolest dudes we’ve ever come across and just super kind to everyone he met. We lost a good one today. Sending prayers to his family,”

Meanwhile, a Meal Train was started for his surviving family.

mike clemens yorkville

Clemens is survived by his wife, Emily and their 3 children and 2 stepchildren.

May he rest in peace.

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