Who is Marleny Romero? Chicago Dad Bernado Romero Killed After Baby Mama Outed Him Online

Marleny Romero is a Chicago woman who has gone viral after getting her baby daddy Bernado Romero killed by exposing him to his enemies.

The crazy story of Marleny Romero has been making waves all over social media, with many people incredulous over the series of events leading to her baby daddy’s death.

According to the story, a post from Romero doxxing him, or exposing his address, led to his death.

She shared photos of her baby daddy and his address intending for his enemies to find him and they did.

Bernado Romero was shot and killed whilst sitting in his front porch at his in the 4200 block of North Kimball Avenue on Sunday, March 17th.

It was coincidentally the same address Marleny shared online.

Continue reading below to get the full gist of this wild story.

Who is Marleny Romero Chicago?

marleny romero chicago

Marleny Romero is a Chicago woman who has gone viral after getting her baby daddy Bernado Romero killed by exposing him to his enemies.

In a crazy Facebook post, she exposed her baby daddy as a snitch and shared his current address for his enemies to find him.

She wrote: “My bd got the weakest opps he just keep coming home alive & untouched. Ain’t he snitch on half of yall, ain’t he “rob” half of yall.”

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She continued, “Anyways he is not located in **, I repeat he is not.”

Shortly after her post, her baby daddy reportedly got killed.

Several outlets reported the story, with My Mixtapez writing on X (formerly Twitter): “Chicago man got k*lled after his baby mama calls out his OPPS and dropped his address on fb 😳🕊️,”

The Facebook page HipHop wave also did the same, writing: “Chicago man got k*lled after his baby mama calls out his OPPS and dropped his location,”

Reactions to the post were crazy as people were incensed with Marleny Romero of Chicago for getting her baby daddy killed.

“If anyone think what she did is(n’t) something wrong with yall and yall need help i hate my kids father but i won’t set him up like this cause at the end of the day my kids going to be hurt and be mad at me she need to go to jail too,” one comment on Facebook said.

“It’s kinda smart though. Let’s be honest. She called a hit on her partner without calling a hit. (Don’t overthink my comment too much lol) I know she looks too suspicious..I’m just saying..there’s ways you could do that without getting caught for it,” another said.

A third commenter wrote: “That baby mama should be locked up,”

Meanwhile, X replies were also crazy!!

“Set up by your own BM is a wild way to go out.. child has no father now, & she gotta explain that when the time comes smh,” one user said.

Another added: “i aint no lawyer but isn’t this conspiracy to commit murder?”

A third added: 2She probably did all of this for something petty like he was late picking the kids up for his weekly visitation,”

The story has gone crazy viral, but so far Marleny Romero has remained hidden and authorities have not given any official details about whether she faces any charges in the death of her baby daddy!

How Marleny Romero’s post got Bernado Romero Killed in Chicago

bernado romero chicago

Bernado Romero, 25, was a Chicago man killed after being exposed by his own baby mommy.

Marleny Romero shared Bernado’s address on Facebook and he was killed a while later.

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Several news sources actually documented his death with the same address Marleny shared appearing in the reports.

For instance, WGN TV reported about a man in Chicago who was sitting on his front porch in the 4200 block of North Kimball Avenue in Irving Park when he was shot and killed.

That’s coincidentally the same address shared by Marleny.

The report read: “A man is dead after a shooting on the Northwest Side on Sunday afternoon.

Chicago police say it happened just before 1:30 p.m. in the 4200 block of North Kimball Avenue in Irving Park.

According to police, the victim, a 25-year-old man, was on a front porch in the area, when two people approached on foot and opened fire in his direction.

Officers say the man suffered five gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital where later died from his injuries.

The medical examiner has identified the victim as Bernardo Romero.

The two people who opened fire fled on foot before they got into a white SUV and fled the scene,”

ABC 7 Chicago, in a later post documenting all the gun violence in the city, also wrote about the shooting of Bernado.

“A man was killed in a shooting in Irving Park on Sunday afternoon.

A 25-year-old man was sitting on a front porch in the 4200-block of North Kimball Avenue about 1:23 p.m. when two men walked up and shot at him, hitting him five times in the body, police said. He was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he later died.

The assailants fled the scene in a white SUV, police said. No one is in custody.

The victim was later identified as Bernardo Romero,” the report concluded.

Meanwhile, according to Chicago Police Department records, a 26-year-old woman named Marlene Janet Benitez was arrested on August 27 last year for Domestic Battery/Bodily Harm. She was then released on August 28.

Marleny Romero also goes by Marleny Janet on social media, indicating she was arrested for some type of altercation with her baby daddy – some social media users even alleged she was arrested for stabbing Bernado.

The family of Bernado Romero reportedly shared a message on Facebook informing the public of their son’s death and asking for help with the funeral expenses.

The message, translated from Spanish, reads: “We want to inform you of the passing of my son Bernardo Romero. Any help that you want to give us for the funeral expenses, to me and my family in these difficult times we are going through, you can send to the Zelle of Jose Manuel Romero.”


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