Rodriguez Siblings – Gwinnett County PD Identify Three Kids Found Dead in Car in Murder-Suicide

The Gwinnett County Police Department has identified three children who were found shot dead in a car located at Lucky Shoals Park in an apparent murder-suicide.

The deceased have been identified as 13-year-old Arianny Rodriguez, 11-year-old Chadal Rodriguez and 9-year-old Carlos Rodriguez.

A man who was also found shot dead in the car has yet to be identified.

Police said the children’s mother was at a nearby hospital with another child who was being treated for an unrelated injury at the time of the shooting.

They said the mother and the suspected shooter are parents to the same child who was at the hospital.

The suspect is not the father of the three victims, and he was not in a current relationship with the mother, police said.

“The suspect met with the victim’s mother, her three children, and the child they shared together at a local hospital,” police said.

“After some time, the mother agreed to let the three children go with the suspect to grab a bite to eat while she remained at the hospital.”

Police say shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday, an officer was doing an area check at Lucky Shoals Park off Britt Road in Tucker, when he found a suspicious vehicle parked on a pedestrian trail.

Officials say the officer called out but got no response and when he approached the car, he found the bodies of four people inside.

“Although this is tragic, our officers are going to step aside and do the job to the fullest and make sure that they investigate this as though it was any other homicide, and at least bring some conclusion to the families,” said Sgt. Michele Pihera with Gwinnett County Police.

“That’s really sad that things like that happen. It’s something that we can’t explain why that happened,” said Adriana Bernal, who was out for walk in the park.

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