Ishowspeed Shows Meat Video- Hilarious Reactions As Ishowspeed Flashes Stream

The internet is in a full meltdown as Ishowspeed flashed his livestream a clean look at his junk!

The controversial Youtuber is back to his attention grabbing ways! Remember, Ishowspeed suffered an eye issue which forced him on an extended hiatus.

He is now back to his best – getting the whole inernet talking about him.

The Cristiano Ronaldo fanatic was trending worldwide after he flashed his genitals during a recent livestream after getting startled by Chica.

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In this article, we take a look at why Ishowspeed is trending and what led up to the streamer flashing millions worldwide.

Ishowspeed shows meat

The phrase Ishowspeed shows meat is trending worldwide after super controversial streamer Ishowspeed flashed the world his junk.

The trending faux pas is being referred to with tons of memed reactions including Ishowmeat, Ishowween and many other hilarious reactions.

The incident shows Ishowspeed ‘accidentally’ flashing his meat to the world during a stream.

So what happened to lead to Ishowspeed showing his meat?

The streamer Ishowspeed, also known as Speed, accidentally flashed his pen*s, or meat – on stream when air-humping while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. 

The clip surfaced and went viral on Twitter late Wednesday, August 16th 2023. 

Due to the loosey-goosey nature of Twitter, which allows any kind of content, the Ishowspeed video spread like wildfire on the website currently known as X.

The flashing occurred when Speed got jumpscared by the character Chica while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and then started humping the air. 

Soon after Ishowspeed started humping the air, his meat slipped out of his pants from the front.

To his credit, Ishowspeed looked absolutely shocked and flabbergasted as he showed the world his meat. He portrayed the shock very well, intended to make us believe he did not plan this – but you can never tell with these attention-obsessed streamers.

In reaction to the moment, many users posted “SPEED DID WHAT” to portray shock over the accident. 

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X user @josef245668 posted a video of a then-recent YouTube stream of IShowSpeed’s. user @tracedontmiss reposted  @josef245668’s video and captioned it, “no way ishowspeed just flashed his meat while live 😭,” 

ishowspeed flashes meat

Within the same timeframe, X user @domainsdomain posted a screenshot of Speed’s face post flash, writing, “IShowSpeed is definitely moving to Kick after todays stream☠️☠️,” gaining roughly 11,200 likes in one hour.

One final hilarious reaction belonged to X user @clintbabyy, who posted a video of BruceDropEmOff laughing with the caption, “IShowSpeed?? Nah, IShowMeat 😭,” gaining roughly 1,000 likes in two hours.

So, this is what happened to lead to Ishowspeed trending.

A few days later, Ishowspeed returned to YouTube and addressed the controversy.

“This is truly an embarrassing f***ing moment for me,” said Speed. “Lately these past days and hours, I’ve been suffering very mentally, bro. Genuinely, bro.”

“At the end of the day, I’m still a human being, bro, and one of my worst fears that I never even wanted to happen.” “This depressing, bro,” he added.

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