Who is Bridget Ziegler Florida? Christian Ziegler Wife

Bridget Ziegler Florida is the wife of Christian Ziegler, the Florida GOP chair who has been accused of sexual assault.

Christian Ziegler has taken over the headlines after reports emerged that he is under investigation for alleged sexual assault and r.*p.*

Naturally, interest has spiked in the duo with many searching for information on both Christian and Bridget Ziegler.

Whilst Christian is known as the chair of the Florida GOP, Bridget Ziegler is a public figure in her own right, known as the co-founder of the group Moms for Liberty.

She also serves on the Sarasota County School Board.

Join us in this article as we look at who is Bridget Ziegler Florida?

Who is Bridget Ziegler Florida?

bridget ziegler florida

Bridget Ziegler Florida is the wife of American politician Christian Ziegler who is currently under investigation for alleged r.*p.* and sexual assault.

To know Bridget Ziegler, a look at her bio on the Leadership Institute, where she is a salaried Vice President, tells you all you need to know.

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It reads…

Bridget Ziegler serves on the Sarasota County School Board, where she was first appointed by Governor Rick Scott in 2014 to fill a vacancy, and elected in November 2014 and again in 2018.

Bridget is a strong conservative who believes in limited government, parental rights, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.  

Despite being in the minority on her board, Bridget has worked to raise awareness of the fiscal irresponsibility, lack of transparency, and indoctrination that is occurring within K-12 public schools.

In 2015, Ziegler co-founded the Florida Coalition of School Board members which served as a rival to the Florida School Board Association (the state chapter of the National School Board Association) where they were instrumental in passing numerous pieces of legislation focused on school choice, parental empowerment, and curriculum transparency.

In 2018, after a local battle regarding transgender bathrooms and Gender Diverse “Guidelines” in Sarasota County- which included language that directed staff to withhold information from parents about their minor children regarding changing their gender at school, Bridget helped draft the Florida Parents’ Bill of Rights with Florida State Representative Erin Grall.  

After three legislative sessions, Florida’s Parents’ Bill of Rights passed and became law in Florida and played an instrumental role in Governor DeSantis’s Executive Order prohibiting school districts from imposing mask mandates.

Bridget worked with Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice as a co-founder of Moms For Liberty in its early stages of development – which now has over 170 chapters, serving over 100,000 members in 37 states, and continues to grow rapidly each day.  

Due to its rapid growth and Bridget’s limited bandwidth, she stepped down as a Director in the Spring of 2021 but remains a vocal supporter of Mom’s For Liberty and its mission.

Prior to joining Leadership Institute as the Director of School Board Programs, Bridget worked in the risk and insurance industry for 15 years as a Corporate Risk Consultant with two of the largest global risk and insurance brokerage firms.

In her most important roles, Bridget Ziegler Florida is a wife and mother of 3 young daughters, who serve as her motivation and provide a daily reminder about what is at stake and why it is so important to restore the education of our children and protect the future of our country.

Bridget Ziegler sarasota

In recent days, Bridget Ziegler completed her term as chair of the Sarasota County Schools Board in Florida and was replaced by Karen Rose.

Trumpeting her achievements, she wrote: “We passed a number of major policies that reset the tone for our district and laid the foundation to build upon.

Here are a few highlights:

* Negotiated historic raises & compensation package for teachers, bus drivers, Tite I & ESE Teachers

* Restored parent/guardian ability to walk child to class 

* Adopted policy to allow parent/guardian to record IEP meeting  

* Terminated “Gender Diverse Guidelines”

* Suspended Strategic Plan- refocus on Academic Achievement Q1 2024 

* Eliminated “Equity” Committee

* Eliminated “equity” policy & position 

* Dramatically improved policy process: Reviewed, revised & adopted over 200+ policies enhancing & protecting parental rights, school safety, instructional material review & transparency, expanded trade opportunities, and dual enrollment opportunities 

* Halted paid public notices to Herald Tribune & established a public public notice website with Sarasota County 

* Held a National Superintendent Search, negotiated employment contract w/ enhanced accountability & evaluation tools

* Conducted a comprehensive audit of the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Dept

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Bridget Ziegler Florida and her husband, Christian, were hit with a scandal in late November 2023 when news emerged of stunning accusations against the duo.

Christian Ziegler sexual battery

christian ziegler and wife

Florida Republican Party chair Christian Ziegler is being investigated by the Sarasota Police Department, Ziegler’s attorney, Derek Byrd, confirmed.

Byrd did not say what the allegations were, but in response to a CBS News question about the charges, the Sarasota Police Department sent a heavily redacted police report that mentions an accusation of rape and sexual battery that allegedly took place on Oct. 2 in Sarasota.

The Florida Trident, a nonprofit organization focusing on government accountability, reported that a woman told the Sarasota Police that she and Christian and Bridget Ziegler have been involved in a three-year-long three-way sexual relationship. 

The Trident, citing sources close to the investigation, indicated that the events being investigated allegedly took place while Christian Ziegler and the woman were alone at the woman’s house. 

The Trident wrote: “Sources also corroborated that a search warrant was executed on Christian Ziegler’s cell phone and that investigators continue to conduct a forensic examination of the electronic device. 

“Christian Ziegler is also alleged to have secretly videotaped the sexual encounters between the couple and the woman, sources said,”

Byrd said Christian Ziegler “has been fully cooperative with every request made by the Sarasota Police Department” and added that once the police department concludes its investigation, he was “confident” that no charges would be filed and that “Ziegler will be completely exonerated.”

Christian Ziegler Florida Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Bridget Ziegler husband Christian Ziegler is an American politician from Florida and the chair of the Florida Republican Party.

Christian was born and raised in North Georgia, outside of Atlanta. 

He graduated from Florida State University in 2005 and worked for Vern Buchanan’s campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2006 elections. 

After Buchanan won his seat, Ziegler worked for him as a legislative aide.

In 2012, Ziegler ran for a position on the Republican Party of Florida’s state committee, representing Sarasota County.

He ran for chair of the state party in 2017, but lost the election to the incumbent, Blaise Ingoglia.

In November 2018, he was elected to the county commission of Sarasota County.

On January 6, 2021, Ziegler attended the “Save America” rally that preceded the attack on the United States Capitol.

Ziegler was elected chair of the Republican Party of Florida in February 2023.

Since accusations of battery came up against him, the Florida Democratic party has called on him to resign.

Meanwhile, his wife Bridget Ziegler Florida has been seeing some backlash over the accusations on her social media pages.


bridget zeigler

Bridget Ziegler is on Twitter (X) @BridgetAZiegler

Christian Ziegler wife Bridget Ziegler is on Facebook @BridgetAZiegler

Her recent posts have been inundated with comments of people disgusted over the allegations against her husband and herself, considering their conservative, family values image.

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“Imagine constantly casting aspersions at teachers for being ‘groomers’ who are working theri a**es off for sh*.t pay because they love kids while you are filming th8**mes with the third member of your marriage,” one angry commenter wrote.

Bridget Ziegler Moms for Liberty

bridget ziegler moms for liberty

Bridget Ziegler Florida is co-founder of Moms for Liberty, an American conservative political organization that advocates against school curricula that mention LGBT rights, race and ethnicity, critical race theory, and discrimination.

Multiple chapters have also campaigned to ban books that address gender and sexuality from school libraries.

Founded in January 2021, the group began by campaigning against COVID-19 protections in schools, including mask and vaccine mandates.

Moms for Liberty was co-founded in Florida on January 1, 2021, by former school board members Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice, and by then-current school board member Bridget Ziegler, the wife of Florida Republican Party Chairman Christian Ziegler.

By late 2021, Ziegler had left the organization. 

Republican activist and campaign consultant Marie Rogerson is the third-leading member of Moms for Liberty.

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