Peter Seidler Wife – Who Is Sheel Seidler?

Peter Seidler wife is Sheel Seidler. Sheel had three children with the late co-owner of the Major League baseball team San Diego Padres.

But who exactly is Peter Seidler wife Sheel Seidler? What do we know about her?

Interest in Sheel has spiked globally following the tragic passing of Peter.

Peter Seidler died Tuesday November 14th 2023 at the age of 63.

His club, the San Diego Padres announced his passing, and the world now yearns to learn more about the visionary businessman.

In this article, we learn about Peter Seidler wife Sheel, as well as his children and life.

Who is Peter Seidler Wife?

peter seidler wife

Peter Seidler wife Sheel Seidler is a trained lawyer and Kudalini yoga instructor.

Sheel received her law degree from the University of San Diego. According to Peter Seidler wife, she felt a kinship with the region when the family had to relocate after her husband purchased the Padres franchise.

Extremely well educated, Sheel holds three graduate degrees – a Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies from St Edward’s University, a Poetry degree from Naropa University and a Juris doctor from the University of San Diego school of law – all these via her LinkedIn page.

After practicing law for several years, Sheel gave that up t become a stay at home wife to her three children with peter Seidler when the family moved to La Jolla, California.

To make up her lost career, she first founded Kundalini Windasea in 2016 and followed up with her current practice, Kundalini with Sheel.

In La Jolla, Sheel teaches classes and workshops at Buddhi Yoga with focus on Breathwork, Movement, Meditation and Joy (Online Meditation for Women).

Sheel has garnered a devoted following online for her uncanny ability to translate ancient teachings with candor and relatability.

“My classes in-person are usually an hour and fifteen minutes. Online I teach shorter and just as powerful experiences that clock in at 20-50 minutes,” she revealed in an interview.

She added: “I work hard to establish a group energy and during that point in every kundalini experience that is called the “keep up exercise” where you have to do something a lot longer than you think you can.

“I try to build the energy and use music so the student has an experience of being carried across to the other side as though they were smoothly sailing through treacherous waters.

Aside her yoga practice, Peter Seidler wife Sheel has volunteered to serve on a couple of boards and committees.

She was a member of the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiniers from September 2008 till November 2011 and also served as a Board Member of the Turning Point Home of San Diego from October 2013 to March 2018.

According to its description, the Turning Point home of San Diego has provided a safe place for women to come and get sober since 1970 – they promise that no one is ever turned away!

Peter Seidler and his wife have three children –  Sheel reportedly enjoys cooking Indian food in the ayurvedic influence with fresh herbs and veggies for her family – along with the occasional hot dog.

Sheel would lose her husband, Peter Seidler in November 2023.

“Today, our love and prayers encircle Peter’s family as they grieve the loss of an extraordinary husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend,” Padres CEO Erik Greupner said in a statement. 

“Peter was a kind and generous man who was devoted to his wife, children, and extended family. He also consistently exhibited heartfelt compassion for others, especially those less fortunate.

“His impact on the city of San Diego and the baseball world will be felt for generations,” Greupner said.

“His generous spirit is now firmly embedded in the fabric of the Padres. Although he was our Chairman and owner, Peter was at his core a Padres fan. He will be dearly missed.”

“I am deeply saddened by the news of Peter’s passing,” baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement from Arlington, Texas, where major league owners are meeting this week. 

“Peter grew up in a baseball family, and his love of the game was evident throughout his life. He was passionate about owning the Padres and bringing the fans of San Diego a team in which they could always take pride.”

Peter Seidler was survived by his wife Sheel, three children, nine siblings and his mother, Terry Seidler.

Peter Seidler wife profile

Sheel Seidler

That’s random kate profiled Peter Seidler wife Sheel a few years back.

The publication wrote: “Sheel Seidler was working as an attorney when she first discovered kundalini yoga. She was pregnant with her first child at the time and had some anxiety about transitioning to being a stay at home mom.

“Until that is, she had an experience in a meditation that guided her towards the awareness of how she should really be spending her time.

“It didn’t take long before her lawyer identity “just effortlessly fell away” and she soon found herself teaching the ancient yogic practice instead. 

“After completing over 500 hours of kundalini yoga training and almost as much in hatha yoga, she now offers regular classes, both online and in-person, with the intention of helping women to effortlessly enjoy their lives,”

Speaking to the publication, Peter Seidler wife Sheel revealed a lot about herself.

“…I was trained and educated to believe that my identity was tied to my paycheck and reputation as an attorney. Outside of that, the other stuff that defined me, as my passion for yoga, were “frivolous.”” she said.

“It wasn’t until kundalini became my practice that my Soul Identity as a Yogi became undeniable and then yoga, breath work, meditation, and tending to Spirit became just what I do, and everything started emanating from there,”

Speaking about her children, Peter Seidler wife Sheel revealed they have been part of her practice since birth.

“My children have been around my daily practice since birth. They know many of the mantras I chant and chant them during bath just as often as they would a song from music class,” she said.

“They both helped me at events held at my yoga studio. My five-year-old is on day 12 of a 40 breath work commitment. I guess it’s never too young to start!”

Sheel also revealed her classes are geared towards ‘successful women’.

“I market to successful women. Women who have spent time figuring out how to create a successful career and figuring out who they are. I believe kundalini, as it exists, doesn’t have an easy access point for these women.

“There is a lot of dogma that permeates kundalini training that these women see-through, and the classes are hard to find and not always offered at the most desirable times. I believe kundalini would absolutely help these women enjoy their lives. So I feel motivated to get it other to them, meeting them where they are,” she added.

For people resistant to meditation, Peter Seidler wife said: “…Start with the breath work. It is different and you will notice you feel better immediately. Challenging things come up, but breath work is powerful at allowing you to handle it and not be dragged down by the experience, versus just holding a pose and going deeper and deeper into a black hole,” she said.


Peter Seidler and his wife Sheel have welcomed three children together.

Peter Seidler children with his wife Sheel are two daughters and a son – their eldest daughter is reportedly 10, followed by a 8-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son.

Peter Seidler wife Instagram

peter seidler wife instagram

Peter Seidler wife Sheel is on Instagram @kundalini_with_sheel.

She has since taken the page down.

Sheel was spotlighted by Kiragrace yoga for her amazing work, with the publication writing: “For the second issue of our Empowering Women Series, we are highlighting a dear friend from our local San Diego community, the amazing Sheel Seidler. An advanced Kundalini instructor, successful attorney turned mom-preneur, and celebrating her 15th year sober, this woman is the REAL DEAL,” 

Seidler wiki

The below is culled from the Wikipedia entry for Peter Seidler.

Peter Seidler (November 7, 1960 – November 14, 2023) was an American businessman. He was the chairman of the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball.

Seidler was born in Alhambra, California, on November 7, 1960.

He was the grandson of Walter O’Malley and nephew of Peter O’Malley, who had owned the Brooklyn (later renamed Los Angeles) Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Virginia and a Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles.

While at Virginia, he joined the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

Seidler founded a private equity firm, Seidler Equity Partners in Marina del Rey, California, in 1992. 

He was the managing partner.

The firm had an estimated $1.8 billion in assets under management in 2020 and $3.5 billion in 2023.

In 2012, Seidler, his uncle Peter, and Ron Fowler formed the O’Malley Group, which purchased MLB’s San Diego Padres from John Moores.

On November 18, 2020, MLB approved the transfer of the role of chairman from Fowler to Seidler, who purchased part of Fowler’s stake in the team to become the largest stakeholder.

Peter Seidler and his wife, Sheel, had three children. They lived in La Jolla, California.

Seidler had type 1 diabetes. He also survived two bouts with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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