Marie Wiseborn Wikipedia, Biography – Who is Moses Bliss Wife?

Marie Wiseborn is the wife of Nigerian gospel artist Moses Bliss – below is her Wikipedia and biographical information.

Marie Wiseborn and Moses Bliss tied the knot in a beautiful civil ceremony to follow thier traditional marriage – they are now officially a couple.

In this Marie Wiseborn Wikipedia article, we take a look about all to know about them.

Marie Wiseborn Wikipedia & Biography

marie wiseborn wikipedia

Marie Wiseborn is the wife of Nigerian gospel singer Moses Bliss.

She is a 24-year-old Ghanaian legal practitioner currently based in the United Kingdom.

Marie Wiseborn was born on August 20 to her parents, Acquah Wiseborn Agyare and Felicia Agyare.

She is the only daughter of her father, Pastor Acquah Wiseborn Agyare, who is a District Minister in the Church of Pentecost/Pentecostal International Worship Centre, Birmingham, UK.

Pastor Acquah is a spiritual leader who has played a pivotal role in Marie’s life. His guidance and faith have influenced her character and values.

Her mother, Felicia Aygare has lovingly nurtured her and contributed to her strong foundation. Her support and care have been instrumental in shaping Marie’s journey.

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Marie Wiseborn’s upbringing in a household that emphasized Christian values has undoubtedly influenced her legal career and her extraordinary talent as a singer.

Marie Wiseborn had her early education at Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England (Archbishop Tenison’s CofE) High School in London where she graduated with good grades.

While in Archbishop Tenison’s CofE High School, she created and led the multicultural show and became the Netball Captain, Temple House Community Captain and prom planning committee.

In 2015, Marie proceeded to Wallington County Grammar School where she majored in Biology, Chemistry, and History. While in Wallington County Grammar School, she became a member of the school Women’s Rugby Team, deputy house captain over the lower sixth, members of Women’s Netball Team and lastly the President of the Christian Society.

She graduated from Wallington County Grammar School in 2017.

Marie pursued a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the School of Law, University of Surrey from 2018 to 2022.

At the School of Law, she was the President of the Chosen Christian Society.

Following this, she undertook her Bar Vocational Studies at the City, University of London in 2022 and completed it in April 2023. She was called to the Bar of England and Wales in November 2023.

Marie gained media attention after Moses Bliss proposed to her on January 19, 2024.

Moses Bliss proposed to Marie Wiseborn in the enchanting city of London.

Their love story, which began on Instagram, culminated in a heartfelt proposal that sparked excitement and admiration among fans and well-wishers.

The romantic setting of London added to the magic of their special moment, and now they embark on a beautiful journey together as an engaged couple.

The couple has successfully completed their civil wedding, and their bond has left fans and netizens in admiration.

During their court wedding, Moses Bliss serenaded Marie Wiseborn with words of love and assurance, celebrating their union.

Their joyful journey together is now officially blessed, and they look forward to a blissful life as a married couple.

How did Moses Bliss meet Marie?

Marie Wiseborn Wikipedia continues with a look at how did Moses Bliss meet Marie?

Moses Bliss and his fiancée Marie Wiseborn have a delightful love story that began on the popular social media platform Instagram.

In a proposal video shared by Moses Bliss, he revealed that they first connected through this digital medium.

Marie Wiseborn, a Ghanaian legal practitioner based in the United Kingdom, sweetly recounted how she had prayed to God when she was just six years old. Her heartfelt prayer was for a husband who could sing and had a nice smile.

Little did she know that her divine request would lead her to Moses Bliss, a talented gospel singer.

Their Instagram encounter blossomed into a beautiful relationship, and now they are embarking on a forever journey together, guided by faith and love.

Moses Bliss wedding

moses bliss wedding

Next up in Marie Wiseborn Wikipedia is information about Moses Bliss wedding!

Moses Bliss and his Ghanaian-British fiancée, Marie Wiseborn, recently celebrated their civil wedding in a colorful and heartwarming ceremony.

The couple officially tied the knot on February 28, 2024.

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Marie Wiseborn looked stunning in a lace gown and showcased her natural hair, radiating elegance and grace.

During the court wedding, Moses Bliss serenaded Marie with heartfelt words of love and assurance, celebrating their bond and the joy of being legally married.

Fans and netizens were left in admiration over their seemingly perfect connection, and the couple now embarks on a blissful journey together as husband and wife.

Congratulations to Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn! 🎉💍🎶

Following the wedding, Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn announced their traditional wedding would be held on Thursday, February 29, 2024 in the vibrant city of Accra.

They held their white wedding Saturday, March 2nd 2024, also in Accra.

Marie Wiseborn age

marie wiseborn age

Marie Wiseborn was born August 20th 1999, making her 24 years of age.

Marie Wiseborn parents

marie wiseborn parents

Marie Wiseborn’s Parents are Pastor Acquah Wiseborn Agyare (Father) and Mrs. Felicia Aygare (Mother). They are both Ghanaians, making Marie Wiseborn’s nationality also Ghanaian.

Marie Wiseborn Biography

Marie wiseborn biography

Marie-Agyare Wiseborn has an interview on the website of the University of Surrey where she was schooled which reveals some info about her biography.

She answered questions in an interview reproduced below.

What attracted you to choose the University of Surrey?

The Professional Training placement integrated into the law degree really caught my attention because it gave me an opportunity to gain relevant and valuable experience before I graduated.

What were the best things about your course?

The teaching staff made the subject engaging and interesting; in particular, the International Humanitarian Law module taught by Dr Joshua Andresen.

The class size was smaller than the classes we had in first year and he made the class fun and interactive; I found that pushed me to study better. This probably reflects why the highest mark I obtained in my degree came from that module!

What do you do now and what do you find most enjoyable about your work?

I am currently studying the Bar Course at The City Law school by God’s grace, on a scholarship I received from The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple and I have really enjoyed my time here. One of my highlights is being able to cross examine a witness effectively, to the extent that I’ve begun to enjoy and gain confidence in my style of questioning, which my tutor commented on in their feedback.

It made me excited to know that one day I would be in court doing this for real.

What is your advice for students aspiring to work in your profession?

There are no shortcuts to being a good lawyer, which in turn means you shouldn’t take shortcuts now as a law student.

It’s important to get into good habits, such as reading cases, analysing judgments and applying the law, because that’s what you’ll be doing in the profession.

Moses Bliss

Moses Bliss Uyoh Enang (born 20 February 1995), popularly known as Moses Bliss, is a Nigerian gospel singer, worship leader and songwriter.

He is the founder of Spotlite Nation, a Nigerian record label.

Bliss released his first single in January 2017 titled “E No Dey Fall My Hand” and rose to prominence with the 2019 song “Too Faithful”.

In 2020, he won the Loveworld International Music and Arts Award (LIMA 2020) by Chris Oyakhilome for his song “You I Live for”.

Moses Bliss started to show interest in music from a very young age. By the age of 5, he was already learning and playing musical instruments. Later on, he joined the choir at Believers’ Loveworld church.

Moses Bliss officially started his music career in 2017 with the debut single “E No Dey Fall My Hand”.

In 2019, he released the song ‘Too Faithful’ and followed it up in 2020 with the single ‘Bigger Everyday’.

His first album “Too Faithful” was released in May 2021 and comprised 13 tracks including “Taking Care”, “Perfection” and “E No Dey Fall My Hand”.

In February 2023, he released his sophomore album titled “More Than Music (Transcendent Worship”, also comprising 13 tracks.

In October 2021, he was signed by “Symphonic Distribution”, a music distribution company in Florida, United States.

In February 2023, he unveiled his record label Spotlite Nation and signed four artistes: Chizie, Festizie, Doris Joseph, and Grace Lokwa

In January 2024, Moses Bliss announced his engagement to Ghanaian London-based lawyer, Marie Wiseborn.


Moses Bliss has blessed listeners with an array of uplifting and soul-stirring gospel songs including…

“Bigger Everyday”: A powerful anthem celebrating the greatness of God and our daily increase in Him.

“Taking Care” (Live at Bliss Experience): A heartfelt worship song expressing God’s loving care for us.

“Powerful Name”: From the album “More Than Music (Transcendent Worship),” this song exalts the name of Jesus.

“I Prepare”: Also from the same album, a beautiful worship track.

“The One”: Another gem from “More Than Music (Transcendent Worship).”

“Too Faithful”: A soulful declaration of God’s faithfulness.

“Meditate”: Encouraging meditation on God’s Word.

“Glory”: A song that magnifies God’s glory.

“Marvelous God” (feat. Mike Aremu): A collaboration celebrating God’s marvelous works.

“Daddy Wey Dey Pamper” (feat. Lyrical HI): A joyful expression of God’s care.

These songs resonate with faith, worship, and praise, touching hearts and inspiring believers worldwide.

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