Who was Lindsay Terry Candy? Mom and 3 Kids Killed by Husband Jonathon in Yukon Murder-Suicide

Lindsay Terry Candy, 39, was a mom from Oklahoma who was killed alongside her three kids by her husband, Jonathon.

Jonathon Candy, 42, turned the gun on himself after the murders, committing suicide.

Officers found the five dead Monday morning after their fourth son, a 10-year-old who was spared in the killings, called police to report the shootings.

Jonathon Candy, 42, is believed to have killed his wife, 39-year-old Lindsay Candy, and sons 18-year-old Dylan Candy, 14-year-old Ethan Candy and 12-year-old Lucas Candy.

According to Sgt. Gary Knight of Oklahoma State Police, Candy then turned the gun on himself.

“It remains a mystery as to what caused Mr. Candy to murder his wife and three of his children. We don’t know’ why the fourth child was spared or a motive for the killings,” Knight said.

The 10-year-old was placed in the custody of relatives.

Police had no previous contact with the family and had not previously been called to their home, according to Knight.

Two of the children, Ethan and Lucas, were students in the Mustang Public School system. Dylan Candy graduated from a local high school in 2023.

“We are shocked, and our hearts are broken; this tragedy simply defies understanding,” superintendent Charles Bradley wrote in a statement to parents.

“Nobody expected it, it was very shocking. You know, like I said, they were a great family,” neighbor Brian Graham told KFOR.

“They were good friends of ours. They would come down all the time and we kind of had hangouts together. We’re really going to miss them. We really wish this wouldn’t have happened,” he added.

In a tribute on Facebook, one Westen Peterson eulogized the late couple.

“RIP Jonathon Candy, Lindsay Terry Candy, and boys! You all will be greatly missed! You were all awesome people and great friends!

“Will never understand why this happened! You were some of the best neighbors my dad ever had and Jon you were a great hand when you worked with me and one of the funniest guys I ever knew!”

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