Who is Jacob Beacher? Man Arrested for Vandalizing Rutgers Islamic Center

Jacob Beacher of Somerset County, New Jersey, has been charged with a federal hate crime for breaking into the Center for Islamic Life at Rutgers University (CILRU) in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and destroying property.

Beacher, 24, was arrested the morning of Monday, April 22nd and is charged by complaint with one count of intentional or attempted obstruction of religious practice and one count of making false statements to federal authorities.

Beacher is scheduled to have his initial appearance this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge André M. Espinosa in Newark federal court.

On April 10, during the Eid-al-Fitr holiday, Beacher broke into the CILRU around 2:41 a.m., where he damaged the CILRU’s property, including several religious artifacts, such as Turbah prayer stones, which are clay stones on which Muslims prostrate during prayer, and numerous other items that contained holy language from the Qur’an, Islam’s sacred scripture.

Beacher also allegedly stole a Palestinian flag and a charity box belonging to the CILRU.

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