Mica Miller Husband – Who is John-Paul Miller, SC Pastor Accused of Killing Wife?

A South Carolina-based pastor, John-Paul Miller, has come under intense scrutiny following his wife’s death with accusations he ‘took her out’.

John-Paul’s wife, Mica Miller, had allegedly died by suicide, a few days after he was served documents in their ongoing divorce battle.

She was found with a gunshot wound to the head at Lumber River State Park in Lumberton, NC.

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John-Paul Miller, the pastor at Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, SC, broke the news of her death during a recent service after asking his congregation not to discuss it inside the church.

“I got a call late last night, my wife has passed away. It was self-induced and it was up in North Carolina,” Miller said.

“Y’all pray for me and my kids and everybody. You all knew she wasn’t well mentally and she needed medicine that was hard to get to her. I’m sure there will be more details to come, but keep her family in your prayers.”

However, his claims have been heavily contested by friends and family members of Mica, who claim she was abused and was most likely killed by her husband.

For instance, one of Miller’s last Facebook posts read: “When terrible terrible TERRIBLE things happen to you… (yall know what I’m talking about;) RPF: resting peace face,”

In several social media posts, they have called for accountability and a full investigation into Mica’s death.

“Mica Miller’s death is very suspicious. She had just filed for divorce from her husband, pastor John-Paul Miller of Solid Rock Church at Market Common, Myrtle Beach, SC. There are allegations of abuse. #justiceformica #churchtoo,” a post from a page Watchkeep said.

“John-Paul Miller announced his estranged wife’s death after preaching a message. He instructed church members not to discuss it further. Someone had reached out to me last Sunday with concern that Mica had not unalived herself. This is very suspicious,”

Katie Rowan also wrote: “Mica Miller was found with a GSW 48 hours after serving her husband/pastor divorce papers. He was seen at a bar with his mistress shortly after her death. She has made cryptic posts alluding to abuse in her marriage. I truly hope if it is found that he murdered that he will never be free for as long as he lives. The kids don’t need to be around a k!ller. I hope her family finds peace while fighting for #justiceformica!”

More comprehensive breakdowns from the pages the Robbie Harvey and Vicky Hucks can be found below…

Meanwhile, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into the April 27 death of Mica.

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JP Miller

According to his bio, Pastor John-Paul Miller spent his teenage years playing the piano in churches as well as night clubs. He thought “Church was for fake people who were one way in public and another way behind closed doors”.

One day in his mid 20’s he gave his life to Jesus Christ. In 2006, John-Paul stepped out in faith and started his first church, Solid Rock Ministries, in the Socastee Library.

His first sermon was 6 minutes long because he only knew one scripture. His first congregation was his family, a few friends, and several former drug related acquaintances.

Pastor John-Paul (PJP) has been involved in the music department of churches all across the Grand Strand area before starting his new church, Solid Rock at Market Common, where he has Pastored since 2016.

PJP has five children: Logan (who is married to his wife, Madison), Zachary, Eli, Asher, and Selah. PJP and his wife, Mica, have a heart to “Love God and Love People”.

The welcoming, real, and approachable attitude is what has won the hearts of everyone who attends Solid Rock at Market Common.

According to her obituary, “Mica Acacia Miller, 30, of Myrtle Beach, SC, passed away on Saturday, April 27, 2024. She was born March 7, 1994, in Wichita, Kansas, a daughter of Michael Francis and Angelita Ramirez.

“She is survived by her husband, Pastor John-Paul Miller of Myrtle Beach, SC; stepchildren, Logan, Zachary, Eli, Asher, and Selah; one brother, Nate Francis and his wife, Victoria; four sisters, Anna Francis, Sierra Brown and husband, Matt, Abi Francis and Destinee Barrientos and husband, Nicholas.

“Mica was energetic, affirming, adventurous, faithful, loving, giving, forgiving, talented, joyous, creative, assertive, bold, determined, authoritative, passionate, hardworking, a risk taker, and so much more. She and JP have been friends since 2009, married in 2017, and spent almost every single day and night together. Mica loved her little dog, Loki. She loved doing outdoor activities like waterfall repelling, hiking, skydiving, running, and going to the beach,”

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