Who are Tillie and Natalia Williams? – Florida Siblings ‘Kidnapped’ from Foster Home By Biological Parents

Tillie and Natalia Williams, a pair of Florida siblings are reportedly missing from their foster home, allegedly kidnapped by their biological parents.

Lake County, Florida deputies are looking into the disappearance of two juveniles from a foster home.

The Lake County Sherif’s office received a complaint Thursday from the foster parent that her two juvenile foster children were missing.

The duo were identified as five-year-old Tillie Claire Williams and one-and-a-half-year-old Natalia Williams.

Deputies say they have reason to believe the two are with their biological mother and father.

A statement from the Lake County Sherif’s Office read: “On 1/25/24, the complainant contacted the Lake County Communication Center at 7 a.m. and advised that two of her juvenile foster children were missing from the residence located at 23419 Companero Drive in Sorrento.

“The two juvenile white females, Tillie Claire Williams, five years old, dob (6/3/18), and Natalia Williams, one-and-a-half years old (5/21/22), were last seen at approximately 11 p.m. last night by the complainant.

tillie and natalia williams

“Tillie Williams is 3′ 5”, approximately 45 lbs., has long, straight brown hair, and brown eyes. Tillie was last seen wearing gray or navy-blue pajamas with multicolored hearts.

“Natalia Williams is 2’ 05”, approximately 30 lbs., with short brown curly hair. She was last seen wearing a pink pajama dress and pink pants with hearts. The location of the juveniles is unknown.

“Lake County sheriff’s detectives are on scene and actively investigating. Detectives are looking into the possibility that the juveniles are with their biological mother and father, or if they have any information. The method of travel or how the juveniles left the residence is also unknown.

“Detectives are working with additional law enforcement resources to enhance the search and response for both juveniles,”

On social media, netizens are stunned that police have so little information.

“It is a gated community. How do they not know what happen to the children? They didn’t get up and run away by themself at that age. I’m sure someone in the community has cameras,” one netizen wrote.

Another said: “Something isn’t adding up in this story. Definitely a FULL investigation should be done on the FOSTER parents and BIO parents. Prayers the children are found safe and unharmed,”

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Fabian Marta is a 51-year-old American male who donated to the anti-child trafficking movie Sound of Freedom was arrested for alleged child kidnapping.

Newsweek reported on Fabian’s arrest which occured a few weeks after the movie’s release.

In legal terms, child kidnapping refers to unlawfully taking possession of a non-relative child under the age of fourteen without the consent of a legal guardian.

The statute reads: “A person commits the offense of child kidnapping if he or she is not a relative of the child within the third degree and, knowing he or she has no right to do so, removes a child under the age of fourteen without consent of the child’s parents or guardian, or confines such child for a substantial period of time without such consent. 

2.  In determining whether the child was removed or confined unlawfully, it is an affirmative defense that the person reasonably believed that the person’s actions were necessary to preserve the child from danger to his or her welfare. 

3.  The offense of child kidnapping is a class A felony.”

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