Who is Maxwell Anderson? Potential ‘Serial Killer’ Charged In Death of Missing Sade Robinson

Maxwell Anderson, 33, has been formally charged with homicide and mutilating a corpse following the disappearance of Sade Robinson, 19, who he went out on a date with.

The two ate dinner and went to a bar before going to Anderson’s home on Milwaukee’s south side.

Robinson disappeared last week, having last been seen on April 1st in the area of 1800 N. Commerce Street.

On April 2nd, a severed leg believed to belong to Robinson was found.

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Milwaukee police also found human remains at three locations, including by railroad tracks, on April 5 and April 6 but identification of those is still pending.

Anderson was arrested last week after being declared a ‘person of interest’.

He was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse and arson of property other than building.

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Investigators believe Robinson and Anderson may have met at Anderson’s place of employment, but were working to confirm that, Milwaukee County Sheriff Denita Ball said at a news conference.

In several posts on Facebook, Anderson has been fingered as a predator and potential serial killer who picked up Robinson from the Pizza Shuttle she worked at.

A post from one Shaquila Mills said another worker, Joniah Walker had gone missing from the same Pizza Shack about two years ago.

“So This Baby Came Up Missing 2yrs Ago She Worked at That Same Pizza Shuttle Sada Robinson Worked at I’m More Then Sure That Maxwell Anderson is Familiar With That Area and that he been coming to that pizza shuttle if Sade Worked There Almost 3 to 4yrs That Mean Sada Also Worked With Joniah it’s Only Been 2yrs Since She Been Missing…..I’m not Sure if Maxwell Was an old employee at Pizza shuttle as a delivery driver or any position he could’ve just been a regular customer but I believe it’s some ties to her case as well,” Mills wrote.

Sade Robinson’s family following Anderson being charged have expressed the need for justice to be swiftly served.

“This is justice for Sade,” Robinson’s mother, Sheena Scarbrough, said Friday of the criminal charges.

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