Who is Clenard Parker? Suspect Arrested After Ramming 18-Wheeler Into Texas DPS

Clenard Parker has been identified as the suspect who was arrested after ramming a stolen 18-wheeler into the Texas Department of Public Safety building.

Parker, 42, of Chappell Hill, was incensed after being denied his commercial driver’s license Thursday at the DPS building in Brenham, TX.

He had vowed revenge after being denied his license and returned true to his word Friday, ramming the stolen truck into the building, killing one person and injuring 13 others.

clenard parker chappell hill

Authorities are yet to identify the deceased.

“This is a tragic day for us,” department regional supervisor Gerald Brown said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

“My heart and prayers goes out to the family members of those that are dead, as well as those that are injured.”

The truck was being pursued by multiple law enforcement vehicles when it crashed into the office, DPS Sgt. Justin Reese said at a news conference.

Parker had been denied a commercial driver’s license at the location Thursday, he said.

While he was there Thursday, “the drivers license staff advised Parker that he was not eligible to renew his commercial driver’s license,” Reese said.

Parker stole a 18-wheeler then rammed it into the DPS office while being chased by law enforcement.

He reportedly backed up to ram the building again but was stopped by deputies who arrested him.

He is facing several felony charges.

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