Who is Kiarra Jones? Littleton School Bus Aide Arrested After Assaulting Autistic Child In Viral Video

A Littleton, Colorado school bus aide known as Kiarra Jones was arrested after being caught on camera assaulting a 10-year-old non-verbal, autistic child.

Jones, who worked as a bus aide to help children with severe autism and non-verbal communication travel between their homes and the Joshua School, was captured on camera viciously assaulting one of the students she was supposed to be in charge of.

The video shows the 28-year-old Jones striking, punching and stomping an autistic kid around 10-years-old.

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The disturbing video reportedly taken on March 18th led to Jones’ arrest, facing charges of crimes against at-risk juvenile- third-degree assault and crimes against at-risk juvenile- injury.

CBS News reports some families of autistic kids whom Jones worked with retained attorneys after realizing their kids had been suffering abuse.

According to claims from the family attorneys, each family saw significant shifts in their child’s behavior in about September 2023.

They claimed to have noticed physical injuries on their children, including unexplained scratches, bruises, a lost tooth, broken toe, black eye, and other bruises on their bodies and feet.

Surveillance video from the bus which was released as part of the arrest affidavit for Jones shows an instance of her abuse.

The Englewood Police Department is reviewing other instances of abuse to ensure all victims and crimes have been identified.

After the families discovered the abuse and reported it to Littleton Public Schools, Jones was fired from her job on March 19.

She had worked for the school district since August 2023.

Jones is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Arapahoe County Court on May 3 at 1:30 p.m.

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