Who was Kennedy Williams, Jasmyne Stringer’s Daughter Stabbed to Death?

Kennedy Williams, the 16-year-old daughter of Jasmyne Stringer, was stabbed to death in a brutal incident on the night of Friday, March 15th, 2024 in Orange Country, Florida.

Williams, alongside another 16-year-old girl, who family members say was her best friend, were stabbed by a 15-year-old boy who has been arrested, identified by authorities as Anthony Rushing.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, there was a fight near the Astro Skate rink and the Amscot along South Goldenrod Road around 11 p.m. Friday.

Upon arrival, deputies found two 16-year-old girls that had been stabbed.

Both girls were transported to the hospital in critical condition but Williams later died from her injuries.

Anthony Rushing was charged with one count of second-degree murder.

The family of Kennedy has been mourning her sad demise, with heartwrenching tributes from her parents, particularly her mother Jasmyne Elizabeth Stringer, friends and family going viral on Facebook.

A Gofundme fundraiser was also set up for Kennedy Williams and the details are below.

Kennedy Stringer Williams Stabbed

kennedy williams stabbed

Kennedy Stringer Williams was a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed to death in Orange County, Florida, on Friday.

Authorities have identified her killer as Anthony Rushing, 15, who is charged with one count of second-degree murder.

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Another 16 year old girl who was Kennedy’s best friend was also stabbed by Rushing and remains hospitalized.

Following her passing, numerous tributes have filled social media for the young girl who passed too soon.

Williams’ mother, Jasmyne Elizabeth Stringer, mourned her lost daughter in a touching tribute on Facebook.

“My baby was killed last night & I will never be the same. I will never forget that her last word was “mom” as she grabbed her stab wound waiting for me to save her life like she knew I would. Holding her in my arms, my clothes & hands drenched in my baby’s blood as she struggled to take her last few breaths,” Stringer wrote.

“I will never forget Kennedy gargling through blood while I wondered if she could hear me yelling for her to fight. I will never forget watching from afar in terror while they tried to resuscitate her.

“I will never forget the paramedics not allowing me to ride with my baby & wondering if she opened her eyes even once to look for me & I wasn’t there. I will never forget the doctor telling me that they tried to save her after working for 1.5 hours but she lost too much blood & was gone.

“…I am stunned. I am shattered. I… smh. I can’t get the visual out of my head. I can’t stop hearing her yell “mom”. I can’t close my eyes. I can’t breathe without her.

“Lord give me the strength to keep living as I have another child to be strong for. Life will never be the same. This pain is unbearable. Please pray for my family,” her tribute concluded.

jasmyne elizabeth stringer mourns daughter kennedy williams on facebook

Desire Wright, friend of the family, also wrote: “God, where do I begin…. I’ve struggled to accept that I received some terrible news yesterday morning that I still can’t believe. I kept asking for clarification because I thought it was a bad dream.

“Kennedy, my sweetheart, you were a true angel in every sense of the word. You brought light to every room you entered, and everyone who met you felt like they had experienced a glimpse of heaven on earth. Your presence was refreshing, and all the children adored you. You were like a big sister to them. This loss has crushed us, and I‘m hurting for my sister-friend Jasmyne Elizabeth Stringer and her mother, Rhonda Ferris.

“Klarke, her little sister, now has to navigate this world without her sister/best friend. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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“Kennedy’s best friend also needs your prayers as she tries to recover from her injuries. It’s heartbreaking that this happened, and we need to do better as a society. She was only 16 and had such a bright future ahead of her. Kennedy, we love you and miss you dearly. You will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we will forever cherish the memories we have of you! Rest in peace, baby girl!”

Meanwhile, a Gofundme fundraiser has been set up to help the family of the deceased Kennedy Williams of Orange County.

kennedy stringer stabbed

“On March 15th, 2024, our hearts were shattered by the devastating loss of Kennedy, a vibrant 16 year old girl who was tragically taken from us far too soon. Kennedy’s life was cut short in a senseless act of violence leaving her family, friends, and community grappling with unimaginable grief,” the Kennedy Williams Gofundme read.

“In the wake of this tragedy, we are coming together to support Kennedy’s family during this difficult time. We are raising funds to assist with the overwelming financial burden of transporting her from Florida to Georgia, funeral expenses, as well as providing support for future expenses as they navigate life without their beloved daughter.

“Kennedy’s bright spirit touched the lives of all that knew her, and her absence leaves a void that can never be filled. As a community let us rally around her family, offering our love, prayers, and financial support to help ease the burden of this tragic loss.

“Every donation, no matter the size, will make a difference in supporting Kennedy’s family during this incredibly difficult time. Together, let us honor Kennedy’s memory and provide her family with support and care they need as they navigate this heartbreaking journey.

“Thank you for your generosity, compassion, and support. Kennedy’s memory will forever live on in our hearts, and your kindness will help her family find strength and solace in the midst of their grief,”

The Gofundme has so far raised $17k out of a $30k goal.

Orange County is a county located in Central Florida, and as of the 2020 census, its population was 1,429,908 making it Florida’s fifth-most populous county.

Its county seat is Orlando, the core of the Orlando metropolitan area, which had a population of 2.67 million in 2020.

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