Who was Kejuan Allen? Man Stabbed to Death in Columbia, Mo by Demetrice Tatum

Kejuan Allen, 22, of Columbia, Missouri has been identified as the victim of a stabbing attack from one Demetrice Tatum that cost him his life.

One man died and another was arrested following a stabbing at Douglass Park on Monday night, a Columbia Police Department spokesman revealed.

Columbia Police responded to a call around 8:20 p.m. Monday night on the 400 block of Fifth Street.

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Upon arrival, officers discovered one adult male with stabbing injuries.

Medical attention was provided to the victim until EMS arrived on scene but he couldn’t survive and was pronounced dead on scene.

Columbia Police announced Tuesday they have arrested Demetrice Tatum, 38, of Columbia, as the main suspect in the stabbing of Kejuan Allen, 22, also of Columbia.

kejuan allen columbia
Kejuan Allen

Tatum was arrested for first-degree murder, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.

According to ABC 17 news citing court documents, Tatum claims he was defending himself.

Tatum, who was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries as well, told someone at the hospital that he was attacked by Allen, who he alleges hit him in the head with a bottle.

However, the outlet notes his story does not add up as another witness told a detective that Tatum was the assailant and that he used a stun gun on the victim before cutting his throat and stabbing him 20 times.

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Surveillance video of the incident corroborated the witness story, the statement says.

Family members of Kejuan Allen also disputed Tatum’s claims, with the grandmother of the deceased Lily Allen declaring that Tatum “stabbed my grandson to death,”

Kejaun, according to his Facebook, was a father and a student at the University of Missouri.

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