Jason Finke Suicide – Rodeo Cowboy Takes Own Life After Leaving Heartbreaking Note

Jason Finke, a Rodeo Cowboy from Ephrata, Washington has committed suicide after leaving behind a heartbreaking note.

Finke, on the night of Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, shared a note on Facebook announcing he was succumbing to his long time depression and mental anxieties.

That sparked off concerned reactions from many people online – both those who knew him personally and strangers.

Despite an outpouring of messages encouraging him to hold on and some people promising to visit his house or call him, it was later announced that Finke had taken his life.

Jason Finke Suicide

jason finke rodeo suicide

From Ephrata, Washington, Jason Finke was a popular and well liked rodeo rider.

According to tributes left to him following, Finke was a great friend and even better cowboy and often helped others get their stuff in order.

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Tragically, Finke decided to end his life on March 26th after a battle with depression.

On that evening, he took to Facebook to announce his intentions.

He shared a post which read: “I hope this will help like really help cowboys and cowgirls farm kids and everyone that struggle in life or deal with mental health weather it starts a rodeo or a Fondation,”

He continued: “To the rides we had and the roads we traveled the fights we got in and the whiskey we drank the sad sweet girls we loved or the ones we never gave a chance to the buck offs and the bones broken will be the best times we ever had I’m sorry if I ever let you down or wasn’t the best man I could of ben or gave up to soon whether you know me well or just met me along the way I appreciate everyone that was and has Ben there for me or taght me. But don’t forget the good times please,”

Jason added: “I’ve struggled with my head and life forever, and trust me, I’ve tried reaching out whether it was noticeable or I just didn’t show it or let it happen but life has bucked me off for the last time so go win buckles and spur some broncs for me go for a ride or whatever reminds you of me in a good way. Love, Jason,”

His post went viral and sparked tons of panicked responses.

Comments included: “Is there anyone that lives next to Jason Finke that can go check on him right now please,” from Jasmine Miller.

“Life is a struggle, but that doesn’t mean you give up. God has a plan for you and you are meant to be here. Just know you are loved and it causes more hurt and harm to the people around you wondering why you’re gone then you showing up at their door for help,” from Hannah Sebens.

“Dude. Wtf. Call me. NOW,” from Erica Ann Sanford.

Many people started messaging Jason Finke on his Facebook messenger but he apparently ignored everyone, prompting a comment from Brian Pray reading: “Has he responded to anyone if not I’m about to drive to his house,”

Eventually, no one was able to save Finke and he took his own life with his death being announced hours later.


There was no shortage of tributes for Jason Finke following his sad and tragic suicide.

One Jim Bob Custer wrote: “Life is so tough but when it gets so tough that a person takes their own life it is very hard to understand.

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“I met Jason Finke where he was a student at a SB and BB riding clinic that Clint Bruised Head and I instructed in Wapato, WA 5 years ago. He and I became pretty good friends over the years and I got to announce him as he competed at a lot of rodeos.

“I know he had a struggle with depression because we talked about it many times. Every time we talked I was able to pray with him and share Jesus with him. I’m so glad that I got to do that. Anytime someone takes their own life is very sad but, I know that his struggle is now over. He professed his faith in Jesus Christ to me, so that gives me some peace, in knowing that he will rest in peace,”

Custer added: “If you are struggling with depression or having thoughts of suicide please reach out to someone. My phone number is 360-269-4165,”

From D Lynn Schleiffers: “I’m having a hard time finding words. Jason Finke you will be missed. You were always so kind and funny. Ryker loved when you came and rode colts (hoping they would buck for you). And you were always so good with him.

“Having a hard time believing this world is without you now. You are supposed to be here in a couple days to ride for me. How are you gone? I just don’t have the words. Rest In Peace my friend,”

Many more tributes can be found about Jason Finke’s suicide on Facebook at this link.


jason fink gofundme

Following his death, a Gofundme has been set up to raise funds for the family of the late rodeo great Jason Finke.

Organized by Corey Moen, it reads: “On the late evening of March 26th, our beloved friend and family member, Jason Finke, tragically lost his life.

“Jason was full of life, jokes, sarcasm, but most importantly he was full of love. Jason was the type of person that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, and stand up for his friends and family to anyone who disrespected them.

“He was a kind person, who thoroughly enjoyed making others smile and laugh. Even more so, he enjoyed riding horses; both domesticated and buckin’ broncos.

“Jason lived for the rodeo life, in the spotlight of the crowd, and out on the dance floor showing off his dance moves, to throwing a few back on a tail gate or by a bonfire and have a good time with the people around him. Jason was taken far too soon from our lives and from this world.

“We’re asking for your help so that his arrangements can be made to lay him to rest. Friends and family are grateful for every penny received,”


Ephrata is a city in and the county seat of Grant County, Washington, United States.

Its population was 8,477 at the 2020 census.

Ephrata was officially incorporated on June 21, 1909 and was given the county seat for the newly created Grant County.

The settlement of Ephrata is quite recent.

There was no known settlement until 1886, just three years before Washington gained statehood. The horse rancher Frank Beezley was the first to settle near the natural springs, thus the area was known as Beezley Springs.

As the climate and topography were not promising to settlement, the entire region remained sparsely populated until several federal congressional actions, including the Northern Pacific Land Grant Act, the Homestead Act, and Desert Claims Act, encouraged the settlement of this semi-arid desert-like area.

Originally, Douglas County spread over the entire territory of the Big Bend of the Columbia River. In 1909, the Washington State legislature divided it, creating Grant County.

When the time came to present arguments to the state legislature regarding which town should be the county seat, someone apparently intentionally intoxicated the representative of a rival community, and Ephrata was chosen

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