Who is Erin Ward? Omaha Teacher Caught Red-handed With Male Student in her Husband’s Car

Erin Ward is a teacher from Omaha, Nebraska who was arrested early Saturday after being caught in the act with a student.

Ward, a teacher at Burke High School, was caught having relations with a 17-year-old student in her husband’s car by Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s office.

Ward and the student attempted to flee but crashed the car.

On Saturday, April 13th, around 2 a.m., the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were called on account of a suspicious vehicle parked on a dead-end road near the 10200th block of N. 189th St.

Upon arrival, Deputies observed two individuals in the backseat of a Gray 2015 Honda Pilot.

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Erin Ward, who was in the car with a student both in a state of undress, attempted to escape, as the student drove the car away from Deputies and crashed into a yard approximately two blocks away.

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After the crash, the teenage student fled on foot wearing no clothes.

Deputies approached the car and found Ward attempting to put her clothes on in the back seat.

According to a press release from the DCSO, Deputies located an Omaha Public School employee ID in the vehicle and WARD confirmed that she was a substitute teacher at OPS Burke High School and other metro Omaha area schools.

She also admitted to having s*xual intercourse with the driver who she indicated was a 17 year old male student at Burke High school.

The Honda Pilot was determined to be owned by WARD and her spouse.

At approximately 0400 hrs., Deputies located the 17 year old male victim in the nearby Newport Landing neighborhood, wearing only boxers, a t-shirt and socks.

He was transported to a safe place to receive care and be interviewed.

Minor medical attention was provided to both WARD and the victim, resulting from the minor crash and the flight on foot.

The DCSO is working in close collaboration with the Douglas County Attorney’s Office and the Omaha Public Schools to investigate the incident.

WARD was transported to the Douglas County Department of Corrections and booked for (1) count of Felony S*xual Abuse by a School Employee, a class F2A Felony.

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