Who was Ashlee Good? Australian Mom Dies Saving her Baby in Sydney Stabbing Spree

An Australian woman, Ashlee Good has been identified as one of six people killed in a stabbing spree at a Sydney shopping mall.

Good and her 9-month-old daughter were both stabbed by the maniac – but the baby survived and is currently in surgery.

According to reports, Good had saved her daughter by shielding her with her body and giving her to someone else at the scene to protect after she was stabbed.

New South Wales police were called to Westfield Bondi Junction on Saturday afternoon (local time) following reports of multiple people stabbed.

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According to reports, a suspect was going ballistic stabbing everyone in sight and sparking unreal panic.

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When all was said and done, four women and one man had died at the mall while another woman died after being transported to hospital.

Aside from the six dead, eight people are also injured and being treated for varying degrees of trauma at various hospitals around Sydney.

One of the injured has been identified as a 9-month-old infant who’s been forced to undergo surgery – identified as Ashlee Good’s daughter.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Good fought to save her daughter. She got stabbed and threw the baby to a man nearby to help her.

“The baby got stabbed and the mom got stabbed…the mum came over with the baby and threw it at me. I just helped by holding the baby and trying to compress the baby,” he said.

The suspect was shot dead at the scene by a lone police officer, later identified as Amy Scott.

The heroic officer was nearby when the attack unfolded and arrived on scene to engage the suspect.

Scott shot him when he raised a knife at her, according to NSW’s Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke.

amy scott sydney

“She discharged her firearm, and that person is now deceased,” Cooke said.

The suspect has been identified as a man in his 40s but police are releasing no further details as the investigation is in its earliest stages.

NSW police also say at the moment, there is no information to indicate this was an act of terror.

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