Dr Krystal Cascetta Wedding – Who Is Tim Talty?

Dr Krystal Cascetta got married in a stunning wedding to Tim Talty – so why did she turn a gun on herself and their baby just a few years later?

Shocking news has emerged about Dr Krystal Cascetta, a New York-based medical doctor who shockingly shot her baby and then killed herself in a murder-suicide in a way that is reminiscent of Lauren Anne Dickason.

During her life, Dr Krystal Cascetta was one of the top cancer specialists in the state, working at Mt Sinai Hospital and having her career accomplishments and profile touted everywhere.

Abruptly, she decided to murder her 4 and a half months-old child and kill herself in a strange turn of events.

Following her death, the 2019 wedding of Dr Krystal Cascetta to her husband Tim Talty has become the fascination of many. How does a happy bride go from getting everything she ever wanted – a husband, a child and a great career – to a murder-suicide involving her baby?

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Was postpartum depression involved? 

In this article, Nigeriabombshell.com  attempts to answer as many of these questions as we can as we look at Dr Krystal Cascetta wedding, wiki, Tim Talty etc.

Dr Krystal Cascetta wedding

If you’re on this page you’re likely looking for information on Dr Krystal Cascetta wedding to Tim Talty so let’s not waste any time and jump right in.

Dr Krystal Cascetta and her husband, Timothy (Tim) Talty tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony held in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in 2019.

According to MailOnline, the wedding of 40-year-old Dr Krystal Cascetta and 37-year-old Tim Talty was a ‘gorgeous ceremony, with Cascetta wearing a stunning white fishtail gown,’

At the time, Tim Talty revealed it took them an entire year to plan the whole wedding to the satisfaction of himself and Dr Krystal Cascetta.

The couple had met several years prior and started dating. Cascetta, a busy New York City doctor, found time to travel to Austin, Texas to spend time with Talty when they first started dating.

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This likely stole his heart as he cherished that moment a lot, sharing it as a memorable time in their relationship.

After their beautiful wedding ceremony, Talty harked back to that time as she shared a photo of himself and Krystal Cascetta when she made that fateful journey to Austin.

“My Wife! It took us a year to plan and a lifetime to gather all of the wonderful people to make our wedding so special!” Tim Talty wrote.

By all indications, the wedding was very special with family and friends of Tim and Dr Krystal Cascetta making it a memorable day.

After their wedding, Dr Krystal Cascetta and her husband settled into their $1m in Somers, Westchester County, New York.

According to Lohud, the couple purchased the home on Granite Springs Road in 2021, moving in from Brooklyn.

A listing on Blockshopper.com shows Dr Krystal Cascetta and her husband Tim Talty bought a property on 54 Granite Springs Road, Westchester County, Yorktown on May 7th 2021 for $820,000.

Publicly available records show Dr Krystal Cascetta and her husband purchased a property on 54 Granite Springs Road in 2021

The previous owners were also a couple, Charles and Sally A. Comparetto.

Dr Cascetta worked as a doctor for Mt Sinai Hospital whilst Talty reportedly runs his own energy bar company, called the Talty Bar.

In 2022, Dr Krystal Cascetta got pregnant and delivered a baby girl in March 2023.

Whilst police have yet to publicly release information about the child involved, law enforcement sources confirm the baby was a girl and an online gift registry shows Cascetta was due March 17th.

On the morning of Saturday, August 5th 2023, Krystal Cascetta walked into her baby’s bedroom, shot it dead and then turned the gun on herself!

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The shocking news has left the world stunned and Tim Talty traumatised.

New York Cancer Doctor Kills herself and baby

krystal cascetta md, sommers ny

Dr Krystal Cascetta was a New York-based board-certified surgeon going viral after killing her child and herself in what police are calling a murder-suicide.

In a stunning wedding ceremony in 2019, Dr Krystal Cascetta married her sweetheart Tim Talty – only to face brutal tragedy four years later.

According to reports, the horrific crime occurred in the baby’s room at around 7 am Saturday, August 5th 2023 at their home in Somers, a town in Westchester county.

Dr Krystal Cascetta is said to have walked into her baby’s room, shot and killed the child then turned the gun on herself.

Krystal Cascetta was reportedly home with her parents when the incident occurred, whilst her husband Tim Talty was away.

Police say the scene they encountered is consistent with a murder-suicide.

“The New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Somers are investigating a murder/suicide in the town of Somers. 

“A preliminary investigation revealed that at approximately 7:00 a.m., Krystal Cascetta entered her child’s room and shot her baby and then turned the gun on herself,” the New York State police said in a statement.

“’The scene is consistent with a murder/suicide.”

Dr Krystal Cascetta moved from a happy wedding to wanting to kill herself in a few short years, leaving family, friends and interested parties baffled.

Her shocked husband, Tim Talty when reached for a statement, told Daily Mail: “Can you give us some time?”

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Dr Krystal Cascetta was a board-certified Hematologist and Medical Oncologist in New York City, specializing in breast cancer. 

She had received her medical degree from Albany Medical College, where she was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society for demonstrating excellence in humanistic clinical care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to service.

She worked with Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City and by all accounts was one of the top doctors in the state.

This was shown by the reaction to her passing, with many former colleagues and former patients all singing her praises.

“Received some heartbreaking news today that my oncologist Dr Crystal Cascetta of Mount Sinai Queens has died,” Author Kambri Crews, a patient of Casetta’s, paid tribute to her.

“A shocking and terrible tragedy. She was a star in her field, dedicated and lovely, whip-smart and competitive athlete,”

“I don’t know what was happening in her life that she felt this was the best end to her story,” the writer continued, “but I know a large community of survivors, patients and colleagues are broken-hearted.

“She deeply cared for her patients, and I am grateful that I was one,”

Maureen Daly also remembered Krystal Cascetta as being ‘true to your profession.’

“You were caring and very compassionate to your patients,” she posted of the doctor, adding: “I will miss our talks.”

Dr Krystal Cascetta was married to one Timothy Talty, having held a lavish wedding in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in 2019.

Tim Talty

Tim Talty

Dr Krystal Cascetta’s husband is Tim Talty.

Talty married Krystal Cascetta in a beautiful wedding ceremony in 2019.

Timothy Talty runs his own energy bar company, called the Talty bar. He credits his wife with helping him improve his product by adding her medical knowledge to his.

So what is the Talty bar?

“Talty Bars are protein bars made from real food by real people,” Tim Talty says on his website. “We pride ourselves on having great taste, texture, and ingredients!

“We use simple but honest ingredients to cultivate a healthy lifestyle,”

According to his website, Tim came up with the Talty bar – a protein bar – after struggling with his weight.

talty bar

“After struggling with his weight, Tim experimented with nutritional products to create the ultimate protein bar, Talty gained valuable experience by working at various upscale restaurants across the country,” the website reveals.

“After trying dozens of different brands, Tim noticed a pattern. The protein bars on the market were delivering on two of the following factors, but never all three: great taste, great texture, and great ingredients. 

“Tim used his culinary expertise to create a protein bar that checked all three boxes,”

The talty bar is available on online stores and offers free shipping on orders above $30.

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The protein bar comes in flavours including chocolate coconut, fig and cashew, dark chocolate expresso and apple strudel.

Dr. Krystal Cascetta Somers NY Profile

dr. krystal cascetta

According to her profile on Everyday Health: Krystal P. Cascetta, MD, is an assistant professor of medicine within the division of hematology and medical oncology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 

She is also director of operations at the Mount Sinai Queens Infusion Center, a state-of-the-art treatment center for cancer and blood disorders and an extension of the Tisch Cancer Institute at The Mount Sinai Hospital. 

Dr. Cascetta is board-certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology. 

She received her MD from Albany Medical College, where she was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society for demonstrating excellence in humanistic clinical care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to service. 

She went on to complete residency training in internal medicine at the Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, and at LIJ Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York. 

As a resident, she received the Intern of the Year award, Humanism in Medicine award, and the Daniel Ross Gold DO Resident Teacher of the Year award. 

She then completed a fellowship program in hematology and medical oncology at the Mount Sinai Hospital, where she served as Chief Fellow. 

dr. krystal cascetta and tim talty

Cascetta is conducting a number of research projects in breast cancer. Her clinical focus includes the treatment of breast cancer, gynecologic cancer (cervical, ovarian, and uterine), sarcoma, and gastrointestinal cancers (esophageal, gastric, liver, pancreas, small intestine, colorectal, and anal). 

She works closely with her colleagues in surgical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, and internal medicine in order to provide comprehensive and integrated care to her patients.

Dr. Krystal Cascetta attended Albany Medical College, and holds a B.S in Biology from the Icahn School of Medicine which she completed in 2005 and an Executive Masters of Health Administration which she completed in 2022.

Dr Krystal Cascetta Instagram

krystal cascetta husband tim talty on Instagram

An Instagram page for Dr Krystal Cascetta could not be located.

dr krystal cascetta twitter

Dr Crystal Cascetta is on Twitter @kcascettamd

Dr Krystal Cascetta had a Facebook page but it appears to have been scrubbed.

Krystal Cascetta’s husband, Tim Talty, is on Instagram @timtalty

As can be expected after such a tragedy, his profile is set to private.

Postpartum depression

dr krystal cascetta postpartum depression

Police investigations are just beginning into the case but some discussions over the sad case of Krystal Cascetta have focused on the dangers of postpartum depression.

According to WebMD: “Postpartum depression (PPD) is a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that happen in some women after giving birth. 

“According to the DSM-5, a manual used to diagnose mental disorders, PPD is a form of major depression that begins within 4 weeks after delivery. 

“The diagnosis of postpartum depression is based not only on the length of time between delivery and onset but on the severity of the depression. 

“Postpartum depression is linked to chemical, social, and psychological changes that happen when having a baby. 

“The term describes a range of physical and emotional changes that many new mothers experience. PPD can be treated with medication and counseling,”

Despite the highs of her wedding, marriage and career, Dr Krystal Cascetta was by all means dealing with a lot. Welcoming a baby into that mix would not have been easy and might have set off a bout of postpartum depression.

Other discussions of the case of Dr Krystal Cascetta have mentioned postpartum psychosis and drawn parallels to Lindsay Clancy.

Lindsay Clancy is an American woman from Duxbury, Massachusetts who allegedly strangled her three children on the evening of January 24, 2023.

Two of the children, 5-year-old Cora Clancy and 3-year-old Dawson Clancy, were pronounced dead at the hospital on January 24, 2023, while a third child, 7-month-old Callan Clancy (who turned 8-months old while hospitalized), died on January 27, 2023.

After she strangled the children she attempted to kill herself by jumping from a window. She is now permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

Experts for the defense believe Clancy may have suffered from postpartum psychosis

Since the police aren’t done investigating, one can only speculate but no matter what – we can only wish the bereaved family the best going forward.

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