Who is Alexis Zabala? Cole Brings Plenty Found Dead After Lady Who Cut His Hair Accused Him of DV

Actor Cole Brings Plenty was found dead in Johnson County, Kansas, a few days after going missing following an encounter with Alexis Zabala.

Cole Brings Plenty reportedly went missing after Zabala cut his hair after it got entangled during a performance at a bar.

He is accused of then breaking into her home and assaulting her before going missing.

A search for him ensued including the Johnson County authorities declaring him wanted before he was found dead Friday, April 5th.

His death has stunned his family and friends who are on an all out crusade against Zabala, accusing her of falsely accusing Cole of domestic violence.

Read on for more details of exactly what went down below.

What happened between Alexis Zabala and Cole Brings Plenty

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Alexis Zabala is accused of cutting off the hair of Cole Brings Plenty, an American actor known for appearing on the show 1923.

Brings Plenty, who is Native American, considers his hair a part of his identity hence having it cut off was a massive humiliation and damaging to his psyche, according to his family.

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It’s reported the confrontation between Cole Brings Plenty and Alexis occurred during a night out.

Anaya Holder, a relative of Cole narrated: “Our brother/ friend Cole was assaulted when his hair had gotten tangled in some wires while in a mosh pit at the Replay Lounge in LawrenceKS. This person was trying to help him yank the wire out and another person came up unexpectedly and with no right did they have to take it upon themselves to cut his hair.

“This is hard for all of us as a Indigenous community at Haskell Indian Nations University. Our hair has value its our strength. Please pray for our brother/friend to come back home safely. We need to stand up and come together for our people no matter what!”

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One Valerie Nathan also narrated what happened, writing on Facebook: “This man was in a mosh pit and Alexis Zabala, took it upon herself to cut his hair off after it was entangled in the mic cord. For Indigenous peoples that would be like cutting an actual piece of body off. That’s how much sacred many of us feel about our hair. He was understandably heart broken as he didn’t ask to have his hair cut. It’s unclear the motive as they were detangling his hair and seems to have been safe,”

She continued: “She posted on her Facebook alleging that he came to her house to confront her about it and she screamed which is when he got in his truck and left. Again this is what she alleged on her personal Facebook. So after he had been missing she called the police pressed charges on him under DV. She did it under DV because she says they knew each other prior. So while still missing the police had no choice but to put out charges on him,”

The Band who was performing when the incident occurred, Beneather, confirmed what happened in a post they later deleted following the accusations of domestic violence.

“During our set on Saturday, our friend Cole was the victim of a terrible accident. He was moshing his heart our for us. He was fully, unapologetically enjoying himself until his hair became tangled in a mic cable. One individual attempted to forcibly pull his hair out of the knot and another apparently took it upon themselves to cut his hair with a pair scissors. As a native person, this is a serious violation. In the chaos, we didn’t unfortunately react quickly enough to stop it,” the band wrote.

Meanwhile, Alexis and her sister posted several updates on Facebook accusing Cole Brings Plenty of storming her house and assaulting her and strangling her.

As noted by Nathan, they also made a report with police accusing Cole of domestic violence once it was discovered he was missing.

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The Lawrence Kansas Police Department released a statement on the accusations on April 2nd: “Lawrence Police have submitted an affidavit to the District Attorney for the arrest of Cole Brings Plenty after an incident Sunday morning at an apartment in Lawrence. We’ve identified him as the suspect, have probable cause for his arrest, and issued an alert to area agencies.

“Officers responded to reports of a female screaming for help, but the suspect fled before officers arrived. The investigation identified Brings Plenty and traffic cameras showed him leaving the city immediately after the incident, traveling southbound on 59 Highway.

“This incident involves allegations of domestic violence, which limits the amount of information we can share to protect the victim. No further details will be provided,”

Cole’s uncle, Mo Brings Plenty of Yellowstone fame, also shared a missing person’s poster about his disappearance.

Sadly, Cole Brings Plenty would be found dead April 5, with a statement from the Johnson County Sherif’s Office: “On April 5 2024 at approximately 11:45 a.m. deputies were dispatched to the area of 200th and Homestead Lane in reference to an unoccupied vehicle.

“Deputies checked the area and discovered a deceased male in a wooded area away from the vehicle. The deceased male has been identified as Cole Brings Plenty, 27,”

His family reacted to the news with sadness: “My heart is shattered for the Brings Plenty family and every person close to Cole. This goes to show the injustice indigenous people face every single day in this country. Everyone was so quick to say awful things about this beautiful, talented, young native man because of the color of his skin & you cannot and will not change my mind,” one Aiyana Murchie said.

“The system failed him. Lawrence Kansas PD failed him. Johnson County Kansas Sheriff’s Office failed him. They should have never treated him as a criminal instead of a missing human being. KS paramedics were caught posting racist comments on social media about Cole. The alleged ‘victim’ and family posted awful & cryptic things on social media the entirety of Cole being missing. I mean someone CUT HIS HAIR AT A CONCERT THE NIGHT HE WENT MISSING!!!!! Our hair is very sacred to us, it bonds us to our ancestors, holds the connection to our culture, and signifies strength. I’m sick. I’m angry. I’m heartbroken. Justice for Cole Brings Plenty,”

One Lela Benavidez also wrote: “This breaks my heart 💔She must be accountable for this (Alexis Zabala) 🤬This is a sad day in Indian Country Journey well back to your Ancestors Cole 😓😭😭🙏🏽 No More MMIR!”

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Following a swift investigation, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday, April 10th that it found no evidence of foul play in the death of Cole Brings Plenty.

Lawrence Police Chief Rick Lockhart released a statement on Plenty’s death.

At the moment, Alexis Zabala and her family are yet to comment on the confirmed death of Cole Brings Plenty, although social media users uncovered posts of her unsavory comments on social media, including laughing and wishing death upon him once he disappeared.

As it stands, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe issued a statement demanding a thorough investigation into the death of Cole Brings Plenty.

“The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe  demands a full and thorough investigation into Cole’s disappearance and subsequent death. Our Attorney General will be in contact with the Kansas Authority to ensure this is accomplished.,” the statement read,in part.

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Cole Brings Plenty

Cole Brings Plenty is the nephew of Yellowstone star, Mo Brings Plenty and a recurring actor on the show’s spinoff series, 1923.

Cole played sheepherder Pete Plenty Clouds in 1923.

His uncle, Moses J. Brings Plenty is an Oglala Lakota actor, as well as a traditional drummer and singer.

He is best known for his portrayal as “Mo” in the Paramount Network series Yellowstone.

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