Who is Christian Samay, Bucknell University Student Found Dead?

Christian Samay, a student of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa, has been found dead on campus.

Samay was found dead Saturday, just a day after an active shooter alert at the University was determined to be a ‘hoax’.

Authorities said his death was not related to the ‘hoax’.

Samay was reportedly a student who was expected to graduate this spring and now never will, his dreams and that of his family forever shatttered!

Join us as we learn more about this situation in the article below.

Christian Samay Bucknell

christian samay bucknell

Christian Samay was a Bucknell University student who was found dead on the school’s campus on Saturday, March 30th 2024.

According to his Linkedin, Samay hailed from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

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He was studying for a political science degree at Bucknell and plegded the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

Samay was the treasurer of the fraternity’s society.

Throughout his time in college, Samay had been seriously working towards building his resume.

He interned with several investment banks, including Digital Capital Advisors in New York from April to July 2021, KBW in New Jersey from May to July 2022 and M&T Bank in Baltimore from June to August 2023.

Sadly, all these well-laid plans were cut short after he was found dead.

Officers responded to University Avenue on campus around 1:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon for a death investigation, according to a public safety alert sent to students.

The alert also said there was no threat to the campus community, and there were no suspicious circumstances.

Bucknell University President John C. Bravman also noted in a statement that Samay’s death is unrelated to Friday night’s active shooter alerts and campus lockdown, which was determined to be a hoax.

The statement read: “Dear Bucknellians,

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the death of a Bucknell student on campus today. Together we mourn the passing of Christian Samay ’24. This is an unspeakable loss for the Bucknell community, and our hearts go out Christian’s family and friends.

“I wish to note that his death was unrelated to last night’s active shooter alert and campus lockdown, and that the circumstances are not suspicious. We appreciate your support and respect for the privacy of all involved.

“Throughout the weekend, the University offers the following resources to any student who seeks support in the wake of this tragic event.

“Counselors are available by phone this weekend. Please call 570-577-1604 and choose Option 2 to speak with the on-call counselor.

“Additionally, the Counseling & Student Development Center website offers many options for students seeking help in the days and weeks ahead.

“Students can also access the Crisis Text Line (crisistextline.org). Text HOME to 741741 at any time, for any type of crisis.

“Campus chaplains are available and can be reached at [email protected].

“I call upon all Bucknellians to support each other In this difficult time, and to keep Christian’s family in your prayers.

“Sincerely, John C. Bravman, President,”

christian samay

Meanwhile, Union County Coroner Dominick T. Adamo said the death of Christian Samay, 22, of Mountain Lakes, is not considered suspicious but an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Smay was pronounced dead at 1:50 p.m. Saturday at the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity on University Avenue, Adamo said.

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Bucknell University active shooter hoax

On Friday, March 29th, Bucknell University experienced a lockdown due to reports of an active shooter on campus.

However, it was later confirmed that the active shooter alert was a hoax.

The false report originated from Virginia, and after investigation, the campus was given the all-clear.

No actual threat was present, and the situation was resolved without harm.

During the lockdown at Bucknell University, the following measures were taken in response to the active shooter reports…

Immediate Lockdown: The campus went on lockdown at 6:37 p.m..

Alert System: An alert was sent out to students and faculty reporting an active shooter, and the university posted an alert on its Facebook page.

Shelter in Place: All students, employees, and visitors were instructed to shelter in place until further notice1.

Off-Campus Shelter: Students who were unable to get on campus during the incident were instructed they could shelter at a site off-campus in Lewisburg.

All-Clear Issued: About 45 minutes after the initial alert, the university sent out a campus-wide alert saying the public safety office determined the emergency was over and the lockdown had been lifted. The all-clear was given at 7:31 p.m..

The university’s prompt and organized response ensured the safety of the campus community during the incident.

Sadly, a day later, a student known as Christian Samay was found dead at the same Bucknell University.

“The University is deeply saddened to share the news of the death of a Bucknell student today. This was unrelated to last night’s active shooter alert and campus lockdown, and the circumstances are not suspicious,” University President Bravman shared in a statement.

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In February, Josiah Kilman, a Campbellsville University student was found dead on the school’s campus, reportedly murdered by another student.

josiah malachi kilman
Josiah Kilman

18-year-old Josiah Malachi Kilman was found unresponsive on the University campus around 12am Saturday, February 24th 2024.

He was pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital.

Authorities issued a warrant for 21-year-old Charles E. Escalera aka Zeke Escalera for the murder of Josiah Kilman.

According to preliminary autopsy results, Kilman died of asphyxia by manual strangulation.

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Bucknell University

Bucknell University is a private liberal arts college in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1846 as the University at Lewisburg, it now consists of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Freeman College of Management and the College of Engineering.

It offers 65 majors and 70 minors in the sciences and humanities. Located just south of Lewisburg, the 445-acre (1.80 km2) campus rises above the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

Approximately 3,700 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students attend the university.

The school is a member of the Patriot League in NCAA Division I athletics and its mascot is the Bucknell Bison.

Founded in 1846 as the University at Lewisburg, Bucknell traces its origin to a group of Baptists from White Deer Valley Baptist Church who deemed it “desirable that a Literary Institution should be established in Central Pennsylvania, embracing a High School for male pupils, another for females, a College and also a Theological Institution.”

The group’s efforts for the institution began to crystallize in 1845, when Stephen William Taylor, a professor at Madison University (now Colgate University) in Hamilton, New York, was asked to prepare a charter and act as general agent for the development of the university.

The charter for the University at Lewisburg, granted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and approved by the governor on February 5, 1846, carried one stipulation–that $100,000 ($3,400,000 today) be raised before the new institution would be granted full corporate status.

In 1846, the “school preparatory to the University” opened in the basement of the First Baptist Church in Lewisburg. Known originally as the Lewisburg High School, it became in 1848 the Academic and Primary Department of the University at Lewisburg.

The school’s first commencement was held on August 20, 1851, for a graduation class of seven men. Among the board members attending was James Buchanan, who would become the 15th President of the United States.

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