Who is Brissa Romero Carpentersville? Brissa Romero Body Found

Brissa Romero, a 17-year-old girl from Carpentersville, Illinois, is believed dead after going missing as authorities retrieved her body.

Romero disappeared last Monday, Dec. 4, on her way to a holiday work party at the Bowlero bowling alley in the Chicago suburb of Vernon Hills, Illinois.

On Monday, December 11th, police found her car in a pond located at Lakeview Parkway and Executive Way in Vernon Hills on Monday. There were still no clue to her whereabouts. 

Police have called off the search for the day but maintain a presence in the area and have warned the public to stay away.

On Tuesday, police announced a body had been found in the searching matching Brissa Romero’s description.

In this article, we take a look at who Brissa Romero Carpentersville is and provide the latest information in the search for her.

Who is Brissa Romero Carpentersville?

brissa romero carpentersville

Brissa Romero, 17, is an American teen from Carpentersville, a Chicago suburb who has gone missing.

According to her family, Romero was heading to a work holiday party at Bowlero in Vernon Hills when she went missing on Dec. 4.

Family members had said the 17-year-old was last captured on traffic cameras in the same area where her vehicle was found – near Town Center Road and Milwaukee Avenue.

Surveillance footage shared by her family showed Romero dropping by her job in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg to pick up an iPad right before 7 p.m. on the day she disappeared.

A high achiever, 17-year old Brianna Romero Carpentersville had already graduated high school and was attending Harper College, studying to become a sonogram nurse. 

She was reportedly working two jobs to pay for classes!

Last week, Carpentersville Police announced her disappearance and announced a $1,000 reward from her family in return for any information to discover her whereabouts.

“The Carpentersville Police Department is actively working to safely locate a missing 17-year-old female. Brissa Romero has been missing since Monday, December 4,” a statement released last week read.

It continued “Brissa Romero is 5’0’’ in height and weighs approximately 115 pounds.  She has brown hair and brown eyes.  Brissa drives a gray 2008 Nissan Rogue (Illinois license plate CZ64618).  Her last location is believed to be near the Bowlero in Vernon Hills, IL,” 

A later statement added: “Brissa’s family is offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to her safe return,”

The latest update to the search arrived Monday, December 11th when the Carpentersville PD revealed they had narrowed down the search for Brissa Romero to a specific area.

“Vernon Hills Police and Carpentersville Police have refined their search area for missing Brissa Romero and are currently on scene in the area of Executive Way and Lakeview Parkway in Vernon Hills, IL.  This is an ongoing investigation, and the public is requested to avoid the area,” the new update read.

This led to the discovery of Romero’s Nissan, although there was still no sign of her. Police say they believe she was in the car when it plunged into the water.

According to authorities, Romero doesn’t have a history of mental health challenges or running away from home.

However with no body recovered, Romero’s family initially held out hope.

“In my heart I still believe that she’s out there,” Dulce Romero said, “But for now we’ll just be with keep investigating and we will find her.”

According to a journalist, her family have now increased the reward for information leading to her being found to $14,000!

Sadly, Brissa Romero’s body was discovered by authorities the next day, Tuesday.

Brissa Romero car found

brissa romero car found

Authorities announced Monday they had found what they believe to be missing girl Brissa Romero’s SUV submerged in a pond, although there remained no apparent indication of her whereabouts. 

Reporter Kris Habermehl of Chicago CBS affiliate WBBM said that the Nissan Rogue identified as belonging to Brissa Romero of Carpentersville was empty.

However, police believe she was in the vehicle when it plunged into the water.

According to authorities, new cell phone data analysis led officers investigating the disappearance of Romero to the pond located at Lakeview Parkway and Executive Way in Vernon Hills on Monday.

Once there, an officer was approached by a resident who had discovered a backpack floating in the water. 

Authorities said the backpack belonged to Romero and an intense search then began.

Hours later, a vehicle matching the one Romero was driving the night she went missing was pulled from the water, but police said no body was recovered.

“We are going to continue every effort to do that,” said Vernon Hills Police Chief Patrick Kreis in a press conference on Monday.

Romero’s vehicle was described as a gray 2008 Nissan Rogue, with a sticker of a black coyote and Illinois license plate number CZ64618.

Police said they believe Romero was driving the vehicle at the time it went into the pond, citing newly discovered surveillance footage from a fast food restaurant just over a mile from the scene. 

The footage showed Romero parking her vehicle at the restaurant, entering the building and exiting alone before she got back into car and continued driving.

“We searched for her in every way possible,” said Carpentersville Police Chief Todd Shaver.

In a Facebook post, the Vernon Hills Police Department said search operations for 17-year-old Brissa Romero had been suspended and are scheduled to resume in the morning.

“Search operations in the area of Lakeview Parkway and Executive Way in Vernon Hills have been suspended for the evening. They are scheduled to resume in the morning. 

There will continue to be a police presence in the area overnight, and the public is asked to avoid it,” the statement read.

Carpentersville, Illinois

The below is culled from the Wikipedia entry for Carpentersville, Illinois.

Carpentersville is a village in Kane County, Illinois, United States. The population was 37,983 at the 2020 census.

According to the 2010 census, Carpentersville has a total area of 8.097 square miles (20.97 km2), of which 7.9 square miles (20.46 km2) (or 97.57%) is land and 0.197 square miles (0.51 km2) (or 2.43%) is water.

Julius Angelo Carpenter (August 19, 1827 – March 30, 1880) was the founder of Carpentersville, Illinois and its first prominent citizen. 

Carpenter came with his family from Uxbridge, Massachusetts and settled near the Fox River, along with his father Charles Valentine Carpenter and his uncle Daniel. 

Angelo was the first person to settle Carpentersville. Carpenter built the settlement’s first store, bridge, and factory. He served two consecutive terms in the Illinois House of Representatives. 

In 1837, the brothers, en route to the Rock River, made camp along the east bank of the Fox River to wait out the spring floods that made continuing their oxcart journey impossible. 

They ended up staying in the area to settle what was then called Carpenters’ Grove.

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