Who is the Suspect Arrested for Stabbing Bishop Mari Mari Emmanuel?

A 15-year-old has been arrested for the stabbing of Sydney preacher, Bishop Mari Mari Emmanuel, news.com.au reports.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was saying mass at Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley just after 7 pm when a man approached him at the altar and allegedly stabbed toward his head multiple times.

A live stream of the mass which was streaming on the church’s YouTube page captured the moment of the attack.

The alleged attacker looked calm and slowly walked up to the altar before suddenly unleashing the brutal attack.

People from the congregation then rushed him to try and stop him.

According to reports, four people were injured in the stabbing incident.

Currently, authorities are yet to officially identify the perpetrator however a report indicates he’s a kid who has been apprehended.

bishop mari mari emmanuel stabbing

Addressing the media, Acting Assistant Commissioner of NSW police, Andrew Holland said the boy had been apprehended by worshippers and taken to an “undisclosed location”.

He added that the alleged attacker was known to police and was not a regular attendee of the church.

Frank Carbone, Mayor of Fairfield, told Sky he believed the bishop would be okay after being taken to hospital. He said: “Bishops and priests, they’re very very important in our community. They only preach love and peace and to have this happen to one of them is horrific. However, I understand a lot of members in our community are really distraught but what is important is, I believe, that the bishop has been taken to hospital and should be okay.”

There have also been reports of rioting in suburb of Fairfield following the incident and the mayor has appealed for calm. He said: “I do call for calm. Police will do their job and please let’s not make the police’s job any harder. We live in difficult times right now… so I can understand frustration and the anger from the communities but I ask them, as the mayor, just to please be calm.”

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