Thomas Elliott Target Video – Greenville ‘Peeping Tom’ Arrested, Charged with Felony Secret Peeping

Thomas Elliott is a ‘peeping Tom’ arrested and charged with felony secret peeping after being caught on video secretly recording females shopping in Greenville.

Elliott was reportedly moving around the store, holding his phone at ‘weird angles’ and recording video of women in compromised positions.

A shopper spotted his actions and started recording him and managed to get him on camera placing his phone under the dress of a lady who squatted and take a shot.

Authorities were called and Elliot was arrested Monday.

He was released later in the day after posting a $5,000 bond.

thomas elliott target greenville

Eliott is a former employee at Opendoor Church. A spokesman with Pitt County School also confirmed that Elliott was a volunteer at Eastern Elementary School in Greenville.

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The female who recorded Elliot shared a post about her experience, writing: “I ran to Target to day in Greenville NC for a few items. I stopped by the baby section to look at clothes for my grandbaby. A young man was suspiciously close to me and holding his phone at a very weird angle. I thought maybe he was trying to bluetooth my info from my phone that was visible from my jumper. I was wearing a wide leg one piece jumper.

“I gave him a look and he murmured something about sorry he was just looking at clothes. Then I noticed he was getting really close to another woman in the store. I decided this was too much of a coincidence and I decided to follow him at a distance.

“I stuck my phone in the cup holder of the shopping cart and turned it on video to record him to see what he was up to.

“A young woman was squatted down looking at something on a bottom shelf and he got right next to her. So close I was wondering if they were together. Then she stood up and moved a little to her left and squatted again. This time the man approached from behind and had his phone at that weird angle and stuck it under her dress to video or take a photo. I immediately shouted to him and he stood up.

“I told the young lady to call the store security. A store employee had heard me confronting this man and she told me someone was on their way to us.

“The asset protection man came and talked to us both. I showed him the video and he told me to call 911. The police came (three of them) and spoke to me, her and the guy.

“After viewing my video they arrested him He tried telling them he lost his balance. I am sharing the videos so you can all be alert and aware of your surroundings, speak up and get the attention of people in the store if you see this happening. We as women need to look out for each other!!”

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